Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Americans have long been fat, dumb, and happy, and a generation ago we elected Reagan and focused for a generation on little else except strenghtening our grip on the world, and filling our bank accounts.

There was an election stolen from the American People in 2000, and there was little resistance from the people, largely, I believe because the "trains ran on time" and we, collectively, are fat dumb and happy.

The Bush Administration cut and pasted the Constitution during his regime and we, collectively, allowed him to do that. And now the Rednecks and Religious Right, (the great white right) of America are going to bitch and moan (falsely) that President Obama is going to "take away our guns?" Where were you when Bush was wire-tapping your phone? Where were you when Bush suspended Habeus Corpus? (I know, I know, "habby-us core-pus" look it up, redneck, it is extraordinarily important.)

Oh-I forgot, you had better things to do like watch NASCAR or guffaw at foolishness such as "Larry the Cable Guy."

The Field Negro breaks it down. An excerpt:

"Sometimes I wish [Americans] had the passion for this stuff like our friends in other countries. But it's hard to be a revolutionary when your stomach is always full, you have hot and cold running water, and a big screen television to watch your favorite basketball team is on the wall."

There are people in Iran that are rising up against tyrannical rule. We, as Americans, owe them our support, it may mean the difference between war or peace, and please, let's put away our collective penis, wash our hands, and try to stop our pissing constest with the rest of the world.

Peace, Searchers

Thanks, Field

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