Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Another "Family Values" Republican nosedived into a shit hurricane when he admitted to an extra marital affair with a campaign staffer.

Nevada Senator John Ensign can hang up his hope for the Presidency in '12.

Senator Ensign has in the past been involved with Promise Keepers, the Evangelical Christian organization that focuses on Husbands not treating their Wives like crap. Well, I guess this one didn't take.

It is hypocrisy from the evangelical right. (Think Ted Haggard, Mark Foley.) I do not have a problem with politicians, even right-wing politicians committing adultery. I am far more realistic, I know it is going to happen.
Shoot, Mrs. Searchers dad was sleeping around on his wife while he was in elected office in Little Rock, while his wife and kids were alone in Forrest City. The problems lie with the attempt by the right wing and the conservadems to legislate their view of Biblical morality, and when they advance their agenda to govern what happens in my bedroom when they are clearly having trouble staying in their own bedrooms having sex with their respective spouses.

It was different with Clinton. It's different with Obama. We understand where they stand on families; they believe in them as an important structure of our society. They also recognize families look different than the right wing white nuclear family of the 1950's, something the Right Wing, including George Bush the frat boy, and Dick Cheney cling to.
Obama understands (and Clinton knew as well) that not everyone wants to live their life by the Christian Bible, hell the posts I've been writing about the lunatics in Arkansas are all bible bangin' bible quotin' church attendin' god fearin' gun totin' Good, Proud, White Christians, proud members of the "Great White Right."

Things happen in marriages. But the Family Values ticket the right wing keeps trying to ram down our throats for the past thirty years rings more and more hollow as the days go by. Try something else, boys, 'cause that dog don't hunt.


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