Saturday, June 20, 2009


Good Morning Searchers-
As I write this it is 10:11 pac time, "Tomb Raider" is on, and my littlest boy is munching on breakfast and drinking a glass of milk.

So let's discuss deadbeat parents. I posted a pic yesterday of a true deadbeat, Pat Flanagin, State Rep. from Forrest City.

I received a couple of comments,"Talk about calling the kettle black" and similar comments that don't really add to the discourse, they're just attack comments designed to hurt, rather than edify, or actually address the greater problems within the Child Support Industrial Complex.

Just to clarify: I AM going after the Office of Child Support Enforcement, and I will not stop. The system is designed to discriminate against the Non-Custodial Parent. From here on out, non-custodial parent will be referred to as NCP and custodial parent will be given the designate CP. The system is set up so tax dollars are used to prosecute and persecute a specific class of people which clearly violates the 14th Amendment to the constitution.

State and county governments are handing out millions of dollars in contracts to private firms, to harass and persecute parents. When the government privatizes anything, the people lose the ability to oversee the newly privatized program, and there becomes little, if any, accountability to the people whose money it is in the first place, the tax payer. Think Halliburton, KBR, (an American company currently killing troops in Iraq. A funny side note, KBR stands for Kellog, Brown, and Root, but the soldiers came up with something better: KBR, Kill, Bag, Replace. That is what privatization brings.)

Okay. On deadbeat parents. Indulge me as I define the meaning of a true deadbeat.

A true deadbeat is one that has the resources, i.e., the bank account, the education under his/her belt already, a good job that brings in a real paycheck, perhaps two good jobs, such as owning an insurance company and holding elected office, but hates his family, hates his wife and children so much that he simply refuses to pay support or support the children.

Let me repeat: A deadbeat dad is one that has the resources, yet hates his children so much that he simply refuses to pay support, or support his children in other ways. Just such an individual is pictured:

Pat Flanagin is a deadbeat, he had to be hauled into court on more than one occasion because his ex-wife, Mrs. Searcher's mother, had to file Motions for Contempt because as Mrs. has said, "getting child support from him was like pulling teeth." And here's the funnily (made up word) despicable part: Pat Flanagin was in elected office at the time, cashing Arkansas tax payer funded paychecks and still refused to pay child support. True Deadbeat. The OCSE refused to go after him, because they like the easy targets: the poor, and at the time they were busy going after my broke ass, an easy target.

Representative Flanagin is "deadbeat dad" personified. So when you read this Chris Flanagin, as well as my ex-wife...let's call her "Candy," ('cause you see "Candy" I don't use most names, such as childrens names because there are people out there like the Flanagins that would hurt my children if they thought they could get away with it, hell Pat Flanagin, Jr., would like my littlest son to get run over by a bus for fucks' sake) realize deadbeat dads have the resources; they simply hate their children.
(Understand, Candy, I do not have the resources or I would give my children the world. Newsflash assholes! That's why I'm in school!)

My own father was the same way, and remains a deadbeat to this day. He, like Flanagin, holds an advanced degree, my father earned the title "Doctor." I am confident he cannot name my children.

Now let us discuss History. My wife and I have been married for almost 9 years. I have two boys from the marriage with "Candy." Enough history for now. Let us move on to another type of deadbeat, the deadbeat Custodial parent, usually the mother, so let's call them "deadbeat moms."

Deadbeat moms hate their ex-husbands so much and love their children so little that they will use the children as leverage to punish the ex husband for all the perceived injustices they have suffered at the hands of the cruel ex-husband. Deadbeat moms put on a good show of love for their children but they will starve their children of the fathers' desperately needed love, affection, and direction. Back to History:

I did not abandon my children, I moved so my children and I, in the faithful future, may have a better life. I moved from the rural state of Arkansas which presented NO opportunity, to an urban area FOR opportunity. It is not my fault, Candy, that you could not then and cannot now cut the umbilical cord to your parents. It is also not my fault I have not seen the boys; it is yours. Read on:

Within weeks of relocating to Kansas City, I sent a great big box of goodies for my sons, "H" and "J" in Arkansas that contained clothes, toys, some books, a "beginner bible" for H, cookies, you know, a care package from their Daddy. I missed them. I don't remember if it was for their birthdays (they occur in the same month) or if it was for Christmas.

At any rate several weeks went by, I heard nothing. Then one day, the postman showed up with a box that looked familiar. It was the care package of presents for my sons.

The deadbeat Mom sent it back, unopened. She sent it back. Do you understand now, Searchers?
What kind of mother would send back presents to her children from the father of her children? I'll tell you. A deadbeat, one that wants to hurt the Father of her children even if it means hurting her children in the process and lying to them about their father.

Since then I have mailed H and J birthday cards, Christmas Cards, etc., and they have all come back. I have them in a file in my filing cabinet so one day, when H and J are older, I can say, "See? tried to contact you and send you things, but your mother was a fucking bitch."

Maybe not so harsh, but you get the idea, Searchers.

She refuses to supply her current address so I may contact my sons. She refuses to allow me to see them. She has poisoned my sons.

Currently, the way the Laws regarding child support enforcement are written, it behooves my family and me economically for me to pursue an education at the University, living on grants and student loans rather than work in a kitchen somewhere. You see? I am betting the future will be brighter for ALL of my children, (and I have five) if their Daddy has an education, because the conservatives, Democrat and Republican alike have shipped all of the good paying manufacturing jobs oversees. I am not going to kill myself in a kitchen for 10 dollars an hour when I can obtain an education and make 1000 times that. Hell, right now I'M on Medcaid and my family recieves food stamps to make ends meet while we successfully pursue our educations.

This is why I am attacking the Office of child Support Enforcement. It is not an office of "Enforcement" it is an office of "Extortion." I am going after the Office on both State and Federal levels, because I know the laws are written for a large part on the federal level, and the Feds use money as leverage against the States to acquiesce to their laws. I get it. But it does not let the likes of Percy Malone (pictured below) off the hook. I intend to be like my mother the attorney pitbull: I am not letting go.

The Office of Child Support Enforcement (from now on it's OCSE) focuses solely on money, they do not focus on the more important thing; involvement BY the NCP WITH the children. It is first class discrimination and it is all tax payer supported. It is today's version of the Jim Crow south.
Okay. So here's more history. I had two children with my first wife. Both grown. I have a very good relationship with their mother, a good relationship with my daughter, the relationship with my son is evolving, albeit slowly. They are both amazing people. Check it out, Candy, I have a good relationship with their mother. This tells me that you, Candy, are dead wrong. There is no kettle, the two don't compare.

It is apples to oranges, Pat Flanagin has money and plenty of it, he made that abundantly clear when Mrs. Searchers mother died. Pat had to steal the show, and because his sorry ass wasn't getting any attention, he sent an email to my wife telling her that when he dies, she aint gettin shit.

This is a true asshole. He craves attention so badly, and has such an infantile personality, completely needy and whiney, that within three days of Mrs. Searchers mothers' death, he was emailing Mrs. telling her how big of a piece of shit she is, how big of a piece of shit I am, he referred to his grandson as "offspring,"-the fucker doesn't even know his name.

He needs to be the center of attention so badly, this narcississtic dickhead, that he couldn't even afford Mrs. Searcher sufficient time to mourn the death of her mother before he was trying to steal the show. What a fuckstick. This is the personification of a true dead beat, and his name is Pat Flanagin. I will post excerpts from the shithead's emails at a later date.

I believe I have clearly defined deadbeats. They exist on both sides of the divorce decree. This is why we need an overhaul of the OCSE. We need equality in the system, even if it means yanking million dollar contracts from private corporations, and even if it means shitcanning some bureaucrats and putting them on unemployment. Fuck em. They have made their living from people's misery long enough.



Anonymous said...

I sent both comments yesterday, after sending the first one I decided I needed to clarify what I meant. It just seemed to me that you had children from a different woman or women as it turns out. and you made it sound as if it was such a terrible thing. I never meant too upset you or anyone else, I am just a blooger with an opinion to voice. Like you! Keep on with what your doing! Good Luck!

Mike Searches said...

Okay Anon, I intend to keep pushing for equality in these United States. I love my kids and miss them terribly. Thank you for your wish for luck.

Anonymous said...

So why aren't you paying your child support if you love them so much? Do you think that clothes, food and the rest just fall from the sky? Do you think your excuses put food on their table? Although, truthfully they may be better off not knowing what a deadbeat their father is.

What kind of man doesn't financially provide for his minor children? (that's a rhetorical question, by the way)

Mike Searches said...

I decided to post the rebuttal to "Anon" #2's comment on a new post, On deadbeat moms and dads and a little history part 2, so catch it there.