Monday, June 22, 2009


I decided to post the third comment from "Anonymous" that appears after "On Deadbeat Moms and Dads..." because I wanted to discuss it briefly. Here is the comment:

"So why aren't you paying your child support if you love them so much? Do you think that clothes, food and the rest just fall from the sky? Do you think your excuses put food on their table? Although, truthfully they may be better off not knowing what a deadbeat their father is. What kind of man doesn't financially provide for his minor children? (that's a rhetorical question, by the way)"

And here is my rebuttal:

Anon's comment is typically American; it is one that ignores the body of the issues and focuses solely on one small aspect, and that aspect is always dollar-driven. Shortsighted, knee-jerk comments and actions are an unflattering trait we in the United States have developed over time, and they have led to debacles such as the Iraq War.

Your comment, "Anonymous" is the "drill baby drill" chant all over again.

"Anons" inability to look beyond today and look to the brighter future (thus the reason I am pursuing my University education) has become synonymous with American Culture today: Trade long term (future) stability for a quick profit today.

This mind set has driven our nation into deep economic trouble, just as the policies of the OCSE have driven families into deep economic trouble.

Couple the discriminatory policies of the OCSE with Conservatives, Democrat and Republican alike, that continue to allow the outsourcing of good manufacturing jobs, continue to slash money for education, and continue to slash social programs (while propping up our defense department) and you get economic hell for working families.

The Conservative Democrats and Republicans believe, as you probably do "Anon," that scrapping food programs for the poor children of our nation, or denying health care and education to millions of Americans is going to force poor working families into the middle class or beyond, so magically the world becomes an economic utopia for all.

That idea was bullshit when Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman sold it to us in 1981 and it remains bullshit to this day.

"Anon"- get the back story right next time, read my posts in their entirety, and realize abusive comments designed to denigrate me regarding support and visitation with my children create not only dysfunction in the children, they also strengthen my tenacity (and my desire) in the fight for equality in this horribly skewed, abusive "child support" system in place in the U.S. today.

Thanks for the comment, "Anon", don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

Peace, Searchers, we do need a systemic change in America.

Oh Yeah-The face of a true "Deadbeat Dad" Arkansas State Representative Pat Flanagin:


Mike Searches said...

Lord, Anon if I truly know the consequences of being with that woman, I would have run break neck in the other direction. Regarding education, obtain one.

Anonymous said...

Mike, you're such a coward you won't even post critical comments. Is there anything you don't hide from? Work, your kids, what do you stand up for if not the things that truly matter?

Mike Searches said...

Gee, I don't know "Analanoymous" what I stand for. I think I stand against people that like to attack under the title Anonymous. Grow a pair, and who the hell says "sack it" anyway? Clearly, "Anon" you are not a thinker, you are a problem, a knee-jerk reactionary that only functions by his/her "gut," much like the worst President we have ever had, George W. Bush. You two are like peas in a pod. Real cowardice is hiding behind the tag "Anonymous" while denigrating someone you don't know, all the while embracing and approving of violent crime, and ignoring the true issues while attacking and not adding intelligent discourse. Me writing hundreds of intelligent thoughtful words are clearly too much for your provincial mind. I suggest just sticking to cartoons such as "the family circle" a cartoon about the great white utopian right, a vision you clearly believe the world lives by. True cowardice is running like a pussy after a violent bloody home invasion, then hiding behind your mommy and daddy to protect you after the attack. Fuck off, anon, next time post your name and whereabouts and prove that you are not just a know-nothing shitheel. And this is MY blog, I will post whatever I like, I am not accountable to you.