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I've been trying to post this one for several days, since the psycho shot up the Holocaust Museum in D.C. The original post had started out discussing the man that was killed at the museum Stephen T. Johns.

The act by the white hater James von Brunn (not pictured, the story about the ridiculous person in the mug shot follows) that took the life of Stephen Tyron Johns at the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C. disturbs me on several levels. And it touches me on a personal level.

I lived in Arkansas for years as you know by now. While in Arkansas I witnessed cross burnings; I walked by a half dozen police cars, a fire truck and a smoldering cross on the front lawn of one of the two black families in Pocahontas on my way to work one morning at Ramon’s Grocery Store. Coming from Chicago, I was horrified at the behavior and stupidity and the overall dumbfuckery I witnessed while living in the “Gem” (you silly Roy Ockert!) that is Arkansas.

I was in a brief relationship with someone once upon a time; her dad liked to go by the nickname “Skip.” I guess he didn’t like “Jerry”. He was extraordinarily racist, he never referred to African Americans as Blacks or African Americans, it was always “niggers.” He was a retired manager from a factory in Flint MI. I remember him saying, as my sons played on his kitchen floor “Oh sure, when I was at the plant you could get a nigger by himself and he’s alright to talk to, but you get a bunch of ‘em together, and it’s “mothafucka this and mothafucka that… they’re all a bunch of goddamn monkeys.”

He loved to tell a joke that went something like this: “So, Abraham Lincoln woke up Monday morning after being on a weekend drunk and said, ‘I did what?!?’” The punch line being if Lincoln hadn’t been wasted all weekend he would have never freed the slaves.

Not so funny. He was one of those that liked to fight also, and we almost came to blows on at least one occasion when I dared to speak against “Rednecks” because as he informed me one blisteringly hot Arkansas summer afternoon, “when you talk about rednecks you’re talking about me.” It is little wonder why I rejected him as well as his rhetoric.

Let me move on to another racist, this one not afraid to use violence. Unlike Skip, (who liked to intimidate his sons in law, but tried not to get into too many scrapes with them,) this one has proven more than once his propensity for violence.

He is around 30; his date of birth is on his mug shot at the top of the post. (I'll try to configure it bigger) This is why I believe this is not going away; the old racists’ virus of hate has infected another generation, and so on. I believe we will see more violence from the right, and when I refer to the right, I do not necessarily refer to someone that would vote for Sarah Palin, or even the type that runs around skinhead-like shouting pro-white power slogans.

The family of this particular violent racist is one that traditionally votes Democrat, in fact, his deadbeat father served 11 terms in the Arkansas legislature as a Democrat. A Conservadem, little more than a center-left republican.

Pictured below is Samuel C. Flanagin, of Eureka Springs, AR. (formerly Forrest City, AR) He broke into my home with an accomplice, Michael Clark of Forrest City and violently attacked my sleeping wife and me on August 26, 2000:
It was a bloody scene, blood was splattered on the wall behind my bed, it had sprayed on the carpeting, it ran down my chest, my stomach, and my legs.
I remember Flanagin screaming "You Motherfucker! You Motherfucker! You motherfucker!" as he hit me in the face and head and body (I had deep bruising that lasted for weeks) with an oak stick as thick and long as a man's forearm. Then he was on top of me, stomping on my head, screaming insanely. Blood was flying. His sandal left a black scrape mark on the wall three feet up behind my bed.
My brand-new wedding ring lovingly inscribed with Philippians 2:2, "...we be of one mind and purpose," was smashed flat on my finger; it took a pair of plyers to get it off. Clark stood behind Chris, laughing.
Mrs. was screaming at the top of her lungs at them, she was covering herself with the sheet sitting up; neither of us had clothes on. It was a hot late summer Arkansas night; we were newlyweds.
I'm going to stop the narrative there, but I'll add quickly: I called the police from the apartment manager's office, and took pictures, I was out of my mind with what had just transpired, but I managed to call Chris' sorry ass (I'm a whole lot tougher than him) and I remember screaming at him to bring his ass back and stand up like a man and not be a coward. He had a chance earlier in the year, in February, in front of his momma's house, but he truly is a coward.
I remember him screaming and cackling insanely, and screeching, "I really dented your mother fucking head! I really dented your motherfucking head!"
I also remember thinking "This is the voice of someone truly psychotic."
I called the police, and they picked us up, and we rode with them to Mrs'. mother's house where they were hiding with the lights turned off. They had hidden Clark's truck out back. Paul Turney of the Jonesboro P.D. as well as his Lieutenant arrested Chris and Clark, and they were charged with several felonies between them. I'll write about it more later, there's plenty.

Since that time, he has stolen property from Mrs. Searcher, threatened to have me arrested if we came to Arkansas to attend Mrs. Searchers mother’s funeral, and this unrepentant, violent criminal that goes to church and claims to be a Christian has referred to me in an email to his sister as a “nigger.” This is common for Chris. He is a classless racist, a violent, intellectually retarded narcissist, and an utter waste of carbon, water, and trace elements. The following is the excerpt from the actual email:

Everyone's always picking on poor nigger Mike, boo hoo. Your detachment from reality is amusing but sad.

Words don’t mean much, especially from an individual such as Flanagin. He does not display a tenable grasp on the English language. (BTW, he works for Thurman and Bishop; a law firm in Eureka Springs, AR, the link is included.)

But the history of violence and the ease in which it appears to come to him, his desire to lash out at people that disagree with him, those that he fears, and those that he recognizes are his intellectual and moral superiors, is very troubling. Resorting to bloody violence (Chris was facing almost 20 years in prison for his actions) his use of racial epithets, against those who oppose his idiocy is a massive red flag-to thinking people.
He has also justified his actions in the past using the fact that I have children from a previous marriage as cause. See? Truly psychotic.
Mrs. Searcher has related to me that on numerous occasions as she grew up in the town of Forrest City, she was forced to flee from her home, (on more than one occasion jumping out of her second floor bedroom window) and run for safety to the neighbors because Chris was on a rampage, looking for blood, trying to rip her bedroom door off, again.
I believe classmates of Chris Flanagin could say the same. Any of them out there? From UALR School of Law? Uof A Fayetteville? Forrest City High School?
His deadbeat father Patrick H. Flanagin was close buddies with Coolidge Conley, the Sheriff of St. Francis County, AR, that approved of the assault and maiming of an individual; Conley displayed his testicles in a jar on his desk. (Make no mistake the accused criminal was a complete shit, but his assault and maiming happened to him while he was accused, not tried and convicted. And if the person was convicted of the crime, the county Sheriff cutting his balls off is still fucking illegal.)
Getting back to Chris, his actions are of course, his perverted way of trying to “equalize” the difference between people like him and people like Mrs. Searcher and me. Oh-as I mentioned before he also has in his possession a chair and ottoman that he swindled from his sister, it was lovingly recovered in leather for her by her Mother shortly before she passed away, and he fucking stole it from her…See? A true shithead. Where does it stop?

His older brother, Pat “Hank” Flanagin, Jr., attacked his step brother violently while he was in the shower. Hank actually went so far as to write in an email to Mrs. Searcher “I hope [your son, name withheld] gets hit by the bus.”

Former Arkansas State Representative Pat Flanagin has also threatened me with violence on several occasions, in person, on the phone, and in emails.
He offered me a car and "several thousand dollars" if I would drop the charges against Chris. Of course, I made it clear he could cram his money and the car up his ass. And bless his heart, I would twist his old, watermelon sized liver, droopy ass laden self into a pretzel like The Zohan
*Update* I've had to remove part of the post due to font issues. I'm not sure if it's Blogger or what, there is a scheduled outage tonight, so maybe that has something to do wth it. I'll finish the post tomorrow after it is back up.
I also have documents on the way that will help with equality issues with the Office of Child Support Enforcement...Peace
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