Friday, August 21, 2009


Chillin watching Rachel, she is on the game, and exposing the foolishness of the Consevadems as well as the right wing politicians and gun toting Conservative citizens and elected officials.

She played a clip from the Sarah Palin twin Michelle Bachmann, member of the Great White Right and pseudo-christian extraordinaire, and rabid anti-abortionist, and she declared she did not want the government telling her what to do with her body... but she's very content to tell other women what to do with their bodies, largely because she is "enlightened by God."

What a doofus, a prime example of Right wing Christianity, much like some people we know, the Flanagins, Dora F. Flanagin, and Chris Flanagin, Hank Flanagin, and the ever-compromised career politician-Pat Flanagin, Arkansas State Representative.

It is time for systemic change in America, health care for all...and remember these faces: compromised politicians and violent criminals: Pat Flanagin and Chris Flanagin...soon to be posted, Hank Flanagin, the brother in law that wants his 6 year old nephew killed by a bus, and Dora Flanagin Hughes, employee of the Arkansas Employment Security Office, (and she uses her computer to hack into Mrs. Searchers personal employment records, and mine as well.) It is time to expose hate for what it is: Hate, that is fueled by contempt by these well-off elitists that hate the poor and people with skin color other than Caucasian...this is reality and these people are haters.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


A Right Wing woman with virtually no sense asks Rep. Frank a question regarding Obama in the context of Nazism and Adolph Hitler. People such as this woman are welcome to their speech, but the lack of education and research by most of the screaming right, the Great White Right is astounding.

This psycho woman with her psycho talk reminds me of Mrs. Searchers aunt, Dora Flanagin Hughes, (not to be confused with Dora Hughes the counselor to Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary, an accomplished woman with education.) No, this Dora Hughes is a bible banging, hate-filled right wing nut. She is the sister of the clown Pat Flanagin, the dipshit with the moustache pictured below. An uneducated classless adulteress in her own right, she believes people that see through her bullshit and stupidity are demon possessed. Life in the Bible Belt, go figure.

Peace, healthcare for all, and let's work for systemic change in the United States.

Thanks to CNN, YouTube and HuffPo...


Caught an article on the Daily Beast regarding LSD research. Apparently some say the drug helps with cluster headache relief. It will be interesting if it is proven that it can help with severe headaches, perhaps the research will lead to other breakthroughs, according to the article it may help with anxiety as well.

On a personal note, my mother suffered at length with terrible headaches that would cause vomiting, etc., and I used to suffer from migraines in the early '90's. It's interesting that after I got out of the crazy pentecostal/evangelical churches that the headaches stopped...check out the article, they have a gallery of pics that showcases famous people that have tripped in the past...Marge Simpson being one of them.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


You're a great Lady, smart, funny, accomplished, beautiful. Our boy and I couldn't ask for a better Momma and Bride-we love you!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Fuck off right wing American Christianity, it's your movement that would still have Blacks enslaved, it is you that would stone people for who they love, it is you that would deny healthcare for my children and all Americans, it is you that has warped and distorted the teachings of Jesus, and it is you that hides behind your lame church doors and use religion as an excuse for bad behavior and hate.


Hater of the moment, but he's a constant hater, meet Pat Flanagin:

Pat Flanagin and his "Bible Fund." Here is the quisential Right wing "Christian" nut job: Pat Flanagin: kicked his oldest kid to the curb as an infant, sent his namesake Junior into exile in Northwest Arkansas, forced Junior to give up his kid for adoption, rejected and kicked his only daughter to the curb, and embraced his violent criminal son for his crimes against humanity. Oh yeah, while his wife and kids were living in Forrest City, AR, he was using state funds to bang his whore in Little Rock while the Legislature was in session. What a gem. Sure makes me want to serve Flanagins god...

Remember, Jesus was not a capitalist.


The writer makes some good points regarding the right wing nutbags, and gets a good dig in on Sarah Palin. His wrting is dead on, so listen up you god fearing righties that hate people of color and don't want health care for everyone: Would Jesus deprive us of healthcare for all? Of course not you schmucks, furthermore, the right wing has devolved into nothing more than a Facsist movement. For those of you with Provincial thinking (I'm talking about you midsouth) who do not understand the difference between Fascsim and Socialism, look it up.

From the New York Daily News Mike Lupica, writer:

President Obama is the real target of health care protesters, not policy

The woman went to an airplane hangar in Belgrade, Mont., the other day, prepared to actually listen to President Obama talk about health care reform in America.
She has watched, the way the rest of us have watched, as the debate about health care has turned into a sideshow and in some cases even more of a freak show than Glenn Beck's. Now she wanted to see for herself, along with more than 1,000 others, if it would happen this way in Montana.

This is what she said about the event when it was over:
"Yes, there were a few protesters en route. But the Montanans who were excited to hear the President far outnumbered the fringe groups."
Then she said this about Obama: "He was smart, fair, funny."

So this wasn't an occasion when people with legitimate concerns and legitimate points to make were overwhelmed by the wing nuts and screamers who take their marching orders from right-wing radio and television and the Internet.

Those idiots come to these town hall meetings more to be seen than heard, and think creating chaos makes them great Americans.

Those people have been convinced by the current culture that we are dying to hear from them, and the louder the better. People who think that all they need to star in their own reality series is a couple of TV crews. But then this is Twitter America now, where no thought is supposed to go unspoken.

We hear that all of this is democracy in action. It's not. It's boom-box democracy, people thinking that if they somehow make enough noise on this subject, they can make Obama into a one-term President.

The most violent opposition isn't directed at his ideas about health care reform. It is directed at him. It is about him. They couldn't make enough of a majority to beat the Harvard-educated black guy out of the White House, so they will beat him on an issue where they see him as being most vulnerable.

In the process, they'll come after him on health care the way Kenneth Starr went after Bill Clinton on oral sex in the Oval Office.

With that kind of zealotry, screaming about government programs as if Medicare isn't one. It is why so many of them, all these wild-eyed red faces in the crowd, look completely certifiable, screaming about how Obama wants to kill Grandma, as if he's suddenly turned into Jack Kevorkian.

And by the way, if Sarah Palin is involved - Palin as uninformed as ever about these so-called "death panels" - the debate just got dumber, if that's possible. No kidding. If foreign policy was a brain-buster for Palin, something as truly complex as health care will make her feel as dizzy as if she just rolled down a hill.

So much of this comes from people who get all their information from right-wing media, or their cheerleading from political has-beens like Betsy McCaughey, people who don't see this as a fight for better and more inclusive health care, but who now see it as something grander and more noble, a fight to reclaim America from Obama.

They couldn't win the fight last November, when he laid out John McCain and Palin and a whole party with one election, so they try to do it now, with lies and rather amazing distortions. They want everybody to believe that if Obama gets his way, he'll eventually be in charge of insurance and doctors and whether you use CVS or Duane Reade. He's a Socialist selling socialized medicine. He'll kill Grandma. Come on. The notion that this is all honest dissent is just one more lie.

Even in Montana, the Swift Boaters who would line up against any health care plan endorsed by Barack Obama ran one television ad 115 times over a day and a half before the President arrived.

"Every time we are in sight of health insurance reform, the special interests fight back with everything they've got," the President said outside Bozeman. "They use their influence and run their ads. They use their political allies to scare the American people."

He is right about that. But the special interests aren't fighting the reform, in a system that cries out for reform, as much as they are fighting him. They see their first real good opening and they go for it.

They don't just want to hijack this debate, they want to hijack his presidency. The rest of it, about your coverage and everything else, is just the cover story.


Thursday, August 13, 2009


LONDON — Britain's health care service says it is sick of being lied about.
Pilloried by right-wing critics of President Barack Obama's health care plan, Britain's National Health Service, known here as the NHS, is fighting back.

"People have been saying some untruths in the States," a spokesman for Britain Department of Health said in a telephone interview. "There's been all these ridiculous claims made by the American health lobby about Obama's health care plan ... and they've used the NHS as an example. A lot of it has been untrue."

He spoke anonymously in line with department policy.

A particularly outlandish example of a U.S. editorial, printed in the Investor's Business Daily, claimed that renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, who is disabled, "wouldn't have a chance in the U.K., where the National Health Service would say the life of this brilliant man, because of his physical handicaps, is essentially worthless."
Hawking, who was born and lives in Britain, personally debunked the claim. "I wouldn't be here today if it were not for the NHS," he told The Guardian newspaper. Investor's Business Daily has since corrected the editorial.

As the debate over how best to look after American patients rages on, Britain's socialized health care system has increasingly found itself being drawn into the argument. Critics of the Obama administration's plan to overhaul US health care say the president is seeking to model the U.S. system on that of Britain or Canada – places they paint as countries where patients linger for months on waiting lists and are forbidden from paying for their own medication.

A Republican National Committee ad said that in the U.K. "individuals lose their right to make their own health care choices." Another ad launched earlier this month by the anti-tax group Club for Growth claimed that government bureaucrats in Britain had calculated six months of life to be worth $22,750. "Under their socialized system, if your treatment costs more, you're out of luck," the ad says, as footage of an elderly man weeping at a woman's bedside alternate with clips of the Union Jack and Big Ben.

The online attacks on Britain's health care system have been paired with strident criticism from Republican lawmakers.

In an interview widely interpreted here as an attack on the U.K., Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa told a local radio station last week that "countries that have government-run health care" would not have given Sen. Edward Kennedy, who suffers from a brain tumor, the same standard of care as in the U.S. because he is too old. Another Republican, Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia, said that the U.K. and Canada "don't have the appreciation of life as we do in our society, evidently."

The criticism, widely covered in the U.K. media, has clearly stung Britain's left-leaning Labour government. The Department of Health took the unusual step of contacting The Associated Press and e-mailing it a three-page rebuttal to what it said were misconceptions about the NHS being bandied about in the U.S. media – each one followed with the words: "Not true."

At the top of the list was the idea that a patient in his late 70s would not be treated for a brain tumor because he was too old – a transparent reference to Grassley's comments about Kennedy.
And what of Republicans' claim that British patients are robbed of their medical choices? False again, the department said.

"Everyone who is cared for by the NHS in England has formal rights to make choices about the service that they receive," it said in its rebuttal.
Then followed a fact sheet comparing selected statistics such as health spending per capita, infant mortality, life expectancy, and more. Each one showed England outperforming its trans-Atlantic counterpart.

The British government offers health care for free at the point of need, a service pioneered by Labour in 1948. In the six decades since, its promise of universal medical care, from cradle to grave, is taken for granted by Britons to such an extent that politicians – even fiscal conservatives – are loath to attack it.

But the NHS faces significant challenges, not least a multibillion pound (dollar) deficit predicted to open up over the next five years. It has its critics too, particularly cancer patients who complain that the government refuses to cover costlier drugs, leaving those who need expensive treatments to pay for them out of pocket.

Nevertheless, many in the British press bristled at the criticism from America's right wing.
"How dare the Republicans bad-mouth our free health care system?" Guardian columnist Michele Hanson wrote Wednesday. "If I'd been born in the U.S., I'd probably be dead by now."

Good for them, it's about time people start refuting the right wing.