Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina has been fooling around with a woman from Argentina. His wife isn't Argentinian, I'm pretty sure she's South Carolinian...Perhaps he was using public funds to get to Argentina...It looks like the "Family Values" Party is imploding on itself, more power to it, I'm sick of conservatives, both democrat and republican, this is just another affirmation of my correct decision to turn my back on the conservative movement completely.
Another shooting star for the Repubs in 2012 has shot himself in his (or rather with his) dick. Who do we have left? Sarah Palin? Bobby Jindal? Mitt freaking Romey? Please don't offer up the doofus Haley Barbour from Mississippi. Or maybe that would be a good idea...a sacrificial lamb.
Peace, y'all Obama '12, Health Care now...

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