Friday, February 22, 2008


I really like the points that Obama is bringing our in regards to health care, etc. I feel like I can relate to him.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


It's been a while since I posted last. Lots of water under the bridge if you will...I'm watching this election with nail biting edge-of your-seat type of stuff..Obama has racked up 11 wins. I'm excited about his candidacy and possible Presidency.

So Fidel has resigned. And still the US cannot sem to fathom that Cuba is filled with men, women and childeren that have nothing to do with the government. Still our "christian" nation tries to starve out an entire nation to prove a point, and largely because the gov't is pissed that Fidel has been able to thumb his nose and that of his country's for the past 50 years...Nice, and it gives me hope and inspiration that the US gov't is not as big and all powerful that it thinks it is...I really want to take on the arrogance of our elected officials, and call them on their behavior.

Not to mention the treaties with the Indigenous Peoples of this continent. I want to force the government to honor that which it committed itself to. Why should I comply to anything to government "orders" me to do, as the history of the US government honoring anything it has committed to in the past, as well as the individuals' elected, that is most do absolutely abysmal...we'll see what happens next month when the "court is going to expect me to stand befor it and explain why I have not done community service as I agreed to. Sound familiar US government? I'll definetly lawyer up, and maybe print off all of the treaties and judgements and agreements the US Government has defaulted on. This is only precedence and should be honored. Philosphically, I should not be held to any agreement I have made with the gov't or any of its agents.

This nation should think about such things before it decides to colonialize the planet. However, the US has been doing this since before the British Empire collapsed.