Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I posted on this a few days ago. I had read the quote before but sometimes ya gotta read it again! Here is the Chief of Police, Russell Mills, from Homer Louisiana. (Kinda reminds of the fat worthless fuck, Ken Johnson, C.O.P., Fairveiw, OR.)

""If I see three or four young black men walking down the street, I have to stop them and check their names," said Mills, who is white. "I want them to be afraid every time they see the police that they might get arrested." [
Los Angeles Times]
"People here are afraid of the police," said Terry Willis, vice president of the Homer branch of the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People. "They harass black people, they stop people for no reason and rough them up without charging them with anything."That is how it should be, responded Homer Police Chief Russell Mills, who noted the high rates of gun and drug arrests in the neighborhood.

I pulled this from
flexyourrights.org Here is a snippett of subsequent commentary:

"Arrested for what? Being black? A professional police department should not
be a source of intimidation for citizens who've done nothing wrong. It's just an
appallingly racist and inappropriate remark coming from the chief of police in a
town plagued by racial tension. Chief Mills's mentality pretty much tells you
everything you need to know about how things got this bad. Skeptics in the
debate over racial profiling will often begin by telling you that police never
use racial profiling, then conclude by implying that black people are all
criminals who must be stopped and searched at every opportunity. It's an absurd
contradiction. As long as I can still find police chiefs publicly boasting of
racial bias in the newspaper, I fail to understand how anyone could claim racial
profiling isn’t a serious problem."

Very well said. I live in an extremely liberal city, but the institutional racism against people of color is very evident. There has not been an African American on the city council for over a decade. Not for lack of qualified individuals. Well peace, Searchers, I'm done for the day.


Big story out of North Carolina: A fuckmook walked into a nursing home and started shooting people. A cop entered the shooting zone and shot the dickshine that was killing defenseless old people in their beds and wheelchairs. Good. Fortunately, the fucktard lived and will be able to stand trial, at least at the time of this posting. What the hell is wrong with these people? I cannot imagine it was for retaliation for anthing legitimate. Hear that Flanagin? There's a difference between legit and illegit. I am legit. So, cops do serve a purpose in our nation, thanks again, Paul.

UPDATE: Sorry, had the incident listed as occuring tennessee, not north carolina, as shown now.


I caught this last night on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show. Seems a Spanish Court is pursuing indictments for war crimes against:
1. Alberto Gonzales, former Attorney General of the United States

2. John Yoo, from the Justice Department

3.Jay Bibey, from the Justice Department, John Yoo's boss, worked for Gonzales, now a Federal Judge, (what the fuck?)

4.Doug Fife, Undersecretary of defense,

5..David Addington, Dick (cock) Cheney's chief of staff, and spawn of satan, and

6.William Hanes, General Counsel at the Pentagon.

These six individuals may have an indictment handed down in Spain for their arrest. According to the New York Times, it would mean little, unless they leave the United States.

Then it would be a situation that would go down in the history books. I would love to see some of these arrogant right-wing "christian" torturers under the gun, on trial and thrown into prison for years. Their receipt of a fair trial is more than they afforded their victims of torture. Please do not forget, Searchers, the Bush administration and the pigs that enabled Bush were on the track of pulling ANYONE off the streets of America that George Bush or Cock Cheney or their minions for any suspected "terrorism."
Read the memo. Suspend Habeus Corpus, my ass.

Most white people would say, "So What? I don't look Arab, I haven't done anything wrong." That is putting an innate, (and inane) confidence in our elected officials and their appointees. Big mistake! Especially when they are right wing and got their marching orders from Bush a self styled "very religious" man.

I know his type of "religion," it was the same kind used in the Inquisition, and the same kind used by the fuckstick flanagin's when they commit high crimes and misdemeanors. Kinda like having a bible in one hand and someones testicles in a jar on their office desk. (I'm glad that motherfucker died in prison. Very fitting. Next, Flanagins.) Then go to Sunday School, after fucking your mistress in Little Rock, while your kids and wife are at home. Sound familiar, Arkansas? What a gem! ( Furthermore, in the south if you are labeled as a "moderate democrat" you are little more than a slightly left Republican.)

I will say it again: Give me a good Pagan or left-wing christian any day to reason with cause the American Right Wing Church is full of idiocy, hate, intolerance and contempt.

So Good luck, Spain, I hope it comes to pass and Gonzales and his ilk, along with Bush and Cheney spend the rest of their lives in prison. Probably not going to happen, but I support it.

Just to be clear: I also support putting Bush and Cheney's backs against a wall to face a firing squad.

I am not a squeamish American that can support hanging a national leader after a mock trial, a kangaroo court, (you know what that's like don't you Arkansas! What a gem that Arkansas is!) and not be able to stomach one of the presidents of the United States going to his execution. If I support the execution of any President and Vice President, it would be Bush Cheney, number 1. Number 2? Reagan/Bush. Remember, I supported these fuckwits and I voted for the worthless piece of shit George Bush. Then I became enlightened.

One good note I heard regarding this judge from Spain: He got the monster Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, a puppet of the U.S., arrested in London when he went on a trip to the United Kingdom. Godspeed, I truly hope we can lock up these motherfuckers, Bush and Cheney included, and throw away the key. After some rousing rounds of water boarding. Call me when you have the "christian" John Ashcroft on the table, I'd be happy to torture that son of a bitch.

By the way, here is the link for Rachel Maddow's report on MSNBC

Take care Searchers, stay vigilant, revolution is coming.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


You know what it's comprised of? Lower the tax rate by 10 percent for the wealthiest Americans. What the fuck? What is it about these dipshit republicans and some conservadems that they cannot comprehend the fact that TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS DOES NOT WORK. The greed that encompasses these motherfuckers is unreal. The current tax rate is at 35% and these totally worthless fuckwits want to lower it another 10 percent.

Listen to me closely conservatives: You cannot run a government without money you dumb ass morons. They do not care about health care, and they sure as fuck do not want the peasantry educated. Well, they can hop on my stick and ride like a motherfucker.


Call these pieces of crap and let them know:
John Boehner (R) Ohio 202.225.6205
Eric Cantor (R) Virginia 202.225.2815

And for good measure, call Blanch Lincoln and Mark Pryor, both of Arkansas, and tell them to quit fucking around and support the President.
Blanche Lincoln (D) 202.224.4843
Mark Pryor (D) 202.224.2353


His name is Glen Beck and he is a lunatic. He joins the family of whack jobs that include Bill O'Reilly, sexual harasser and buffoon, and the racist pile of crap Sean Hannity. Fox just keeps getting better and better...Peace, boycott FOX NEWS.

I had to add this pic of Fox News' John Gibson. I'm not sure if he's still with Fox, but he sucks. Remember, I watched Fox for years until I had an epiphany :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Big story over the weekend out of central California, a 26 year old man shot up Oakland, killing 3 police officers outright, and leaving one officer brain dead.
As an individual that lived with violence in my home growing up, I detest violence. However, one may have to resort to violence to get one's point across. Having said that I do not agree with what this young man did. The police do have a place in our society.

However, before we jump the gun and relegate these cops to "hero" status, let us keep things in perspective. Here are some headlines from around the country regarding police actions:

From the Chicago Tribune:
Race may be factor in police shooting of unarmed elderly man
Seems in Homer Louisiana, an elderly Black man was hosting a cookout with his family, when the police showed up. According to the story, in a matter of moments Mr. Bernard Monroe, a throat cancer survivor, was shot dead through his screen door of the front of his house while his family looked on. It gets better. According to the Tribune, after these cops shot to death an unarmed elderly man that could not talk, they found one of Bernard Monroe's pistols and placed it next to the dead man while the family looked on and attempted to assert that Bernard Monroe, family cookout hoster, had been holding it when they murdered him. The fucking police were so ballsy as to plant a gun on the dead man while the family looked on. Mr. Bernard survived cancer, but he could not survive the Homer, LA police. Now the FBI and the State Police are all over the case. If these cops did in fact murder this man, the only appropriate punishment should be swift. Strap em in and let them ride 'Ole Sparky, or shoot em and let them die slowly. Fuck em. This is the new South? Please.

Michigan Teen Dies After Tasered by Cops
From Fox News.com. While I cannot stand Fox, I pulled this off of the Google News site:
So it seems in Bay City, Michigan police responded to a call about a fight last Sunday morning. Yes this happened this past weekend. So, the police show up and "two males" are fighting. According to the article the police said "one of them attempted to fight the officers." So the cops pull out their "non lethal" weapons and tase an adolescent kid. The kid is now dead at 15 years old. And the cop is on "administrative leave."
I have a 14 year old son. Let there be no mistake about what I would do to an individual that harmed or killed my child. Are you listening? It makes no difference to me what kind of job the individual did for a living before they killed my child. Whether doctor, lawyer, cop, judge, pot dealer, (are you listening pocahontas pot dealer?) it would not matter. Anyone that harms, threatens to harm or carries out threats to harm any of my children is fair game.

Remember, we are keeping the Oakland police shooting in perspective.

From the Willamette Week in Portland, Oregon:
Why Did James Chasse Jr. Die?
So it seems the police in Portland don't have a clue as to how to deal with people suffering from mental illness. Quite a disturbing idea, considering the statistical amount of people with mental illness in the United States. So James Chasse, Jr., had a confrontation with the police in the Pearl District. For those of you that do not know Portland, the Pearl is a swanky area of town, with costly apartments, houses, restaurants and boutiques. Not exactly the area Portland Police and politicians want a schizophrenic man hanging out. So, Mr. Chasse had a confrontation with police. they evidently didn't like his attitude, because they stomped the living shit out of him, literally, stuffed him in the back of a police car and left him to die, and die he did.

SIDEBAR: Cops should not be allowed to even fill out an application for employment as a cop before proving they have at least a bachelor's degree in Psychology, and carried at least a 3.0 in their Psych. classes. OK, let us proceed.

Florida Man Dies After Police Allegedly Shoot Him Repeatedly With Taser Gun
So a 45 year old man shows up at a friend's house, acting rowdy, and the friend calls the cops. The cops show up and now Kenneth Oliver is dead after being repeatedly electrocuted by the police. Do you see a pattern emerging?

Man, 24, Shot to Death by New York City Police on Night Before His Wedding

So, Sean Bell was about to get married to his sweetheart. He had been at a bachelor party at a strip club, (let's not get judgemental, dumbass self-righteous right wingers that are banging their choir directors in church), when the problems started with the police. Long story short, the cops claimed one of them had a gun, when that didn't pan out they said one of the party-goers tried to hit them with their car, so the police saw fit to fire 50 ROUNDS, 50 motherfucking bullets at this car killing the unarmed about to be married Sean Bell. Kinda reminds one of Amadou Diallo. Begs the question: What the fuck is wrong with the cops in the United States?

Man says NYPD officers sodomized him with antenna
Gotta love NYC's finest! So a Brooklyn man, Michael Mineo, was smoking a doob near the subway when he was jumped by five cops, held down, tasered and sodomized by the police with a radio antenna. The police say it didn't happen, of course. However, as the next headline will reveal, this is a pattern with the New York City Police. Michael Mineo was hospitalized with rectal tears and intense pain.
I have read an update: Evidently, DNA was found on the radio antenna, and indictments have been handed down.

New York City police assault, brutalize and forcibly sodomize a male Haitian immigrant, Abner Louima, with a plunger.

"The arresting officers beat Louima with their fists, nightsticks, and hand-held police radios on the
ride to the station.
[2] On arriving at the station house, he was strip-searched and put in a holding cell. The
beating continued later, culminating with Louima being
raped in a bathroom at the 70th Precinct station
house in Brooklyn. Officer Justin Volpe kicked Louima in the
testicles, then, while Louima's hands were cuffed
behind his back, he first grabbed onto and squeezed his testicles and then
sodomized him with a broomstick, causing severe internal damage to his colon and bladder that required several operations to
repair. Volpe then walked through the precinct holding the bloody, excrement-stained instrument in his hand, indicating that he had 'broke a man down.'"

Credit to Wikipedia
This case was so brutal that Amnesty International uses it as a case study in police torture and brutality.

San Francisco Transit Police Shoot to Death Unarmed, Cuffed 22 Year Old Man In The Back While Laying on the Ground
These stories are all to common. Seems itchy trigger finger transit cops cuffed a young man with a four year old daughter, read the article, it will break your heart, if you have one, and shot him in the back until he died. This happened in Oakland. I am eternally grateful that someone caught this on video:

Fuck. What a mess. There is another person dead, a man with a family, and cops that keep on getting leniency. What the fuck are transit cops doing with firearms any damn way? We have transit police here, and I'll be damned if I allow them to carry guns. Hell the worthless Portland Police Bureau (not to mention the sorry as multnomah county sherrif) cannot even do their jobs properly without help, this is why they have emplyed PPI, a private security firm. Huh? Have we not learned anything regarding privatization? What the fuck.

Well, Searchers, I could spend the rest of the day going over people who have been brutalized, raped, tortured, falsely accused, falsely imprisoned and more by the police, I simply do not have enough time. So, while I feel bad for the families of these officers killed in Oakland, especially if these officers had children, we have to keep things in perspective. The majority of white people in this country don't even remember Abner Louima, don't know who Oscar Grant was, and really couldn't care. I challenge you to prove me wrong.
As mentioned before, I feel for the families of these cops that were killed. However, the chance of getting shot at or shot down as a cop is part of the job description. I feel infinite sympathy for someone working a retail job that gets killed during work while being robbed or something. Totally different scenario. While I do not advocate violence, if you put on a police uniform you are inviting trouble. Anyone that thinks otherwise is either a damn fool, or they are completely blinded by their right-wing christian stupidity, I mean beliefs.

The police have become a para-military force. Check out the reports from protesters from the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis last summer. Hell, in Portland, some of the cops don't have their names on their uniforms any longer. It is time for the people to reign these cops in, otherwise we will regret it. There is a reason the framers of the Constitution made sure the citizens of the United States should have firearms: Not to keep "bad guys" out, just to make sure the government knows who is in charge. And the deterrent against the bad guys like the flanagins is pretty beneficial, too. (So if y'all want to show up, I'd be glad to help you out farting through a hole in your stomach.)

UPDATE: In Oakland, not everyone is shocked at the killings of the police, some see it as payback for Oscar Grant. Remember what Jesus said, Right-Wingers: You reap what you sow.


Friday, March 20, 2009


It's been a while. Finals, studying and all. I came across a couple of articles I found post worthy today. Here they are:

Legal pot debuts in Midwest from the Chicago Tribune:

"Legalized medical marijuana is about to make its debut in
Michigan, which becomes the 13th state and the first between the Rockies and the East Coast to embrace the controversial pain treatment. In a vote last November that defied the culture war/reefer madness connotation to the illegal drug, 63 percent of the state's voters—and a majority in every county—said yes to medical marijuana. 'This shows that, bottom line, medical use of marijuana is not very controversial with the public," said Wendy Chapkis, co-author of "Dying to Get High: Marijuana as Medicine."'Politicians are afraid to look soft on drugs, but the public understands that cannabis is not a problem for medical use,' Chapkis said."

Anyone who has read Searches knows that I am in favor of marijuana used for medicinal reasons. It is quite effective in pain relief, (Momma are you listening?) and it is an effective bronchodilator as well. Of course I have been a MMJ card holder with the state of Oregon. I had a very nice set up and grew some very good meds. I am for the complete legalization of marijuana, period.

During this economic crisis and the subsequent years after this crisis has passed it would behoove the United States to get its shit together and get its head out of the sand regarding marijuana. The notion that marijuana and not alcohol is the "gateway" drug is preposterous.

That is a myth forced upon children and believed by gullible adults perpetuated by police, politicians, and the alcohol industry.

Alcohol is the real drug problem in America, and the first hard drug children are introduced to. It was for me. My parents had an extremely well stocked liquor and wine cabinet, in fact they had three.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, 75,000 people will die from excessive alcohol use. That is not people that die from car accidents related to alcohol. Just people that drink themselves to death. A guy I worked with a couple of years ago lost his father to alcohol, and his dad was only 54 or 55 when he slipped into a coma and never came out. Too much alcohol. The article does say that marijuana is the most used illicit drug, but alcohol is not an illicit drug. It is my belief that children are first introduced to mind altering substances by their parents. Through alcohol.

So, it is time for the USA to get its shit together and legalize marijuana nationally. Put farmers back to work, cultivate both marijuana as well as hemp. The revenue saved by diverting police from marijuana to real crime would save over $10 billion a year. The tax revenue would reach into the billions as well. It is money the nation needs. It would put hundreds of thousands of people to work if we could open retail stores and cafes where one could enjoy toking on some bud...it sounds good, doesn't it? Don't lie! You know u loves some banging herbage!

We acquired some the other day, it was unbelievable, and instead of red hair, it was bright purple. Good stuff. Okay, next article:

From the New York Times:

Nazi Guard Deported to Austria

"An 83-year-old man who admitted that as a Nazi concentration camp guard he took part in a two-day killing spree in which 42,000 people were killed was deported to Austria Thursday from his home in Wisconsin, immigration officials said.
The former guard, Josias Kumpf, admitted that he participated in a murderous November 1943 Nazi operation that went by the code name “Aktion Erntefest” — Operation Harvest Festival — in which roughly 42,000 Jewish men, women and children were murdered at three Nazi camps in eastern Poland in two days.
Mr. Kumpf acknowledged his role was as a guard and an assassin at the Trawniki Labor Camp, where 8,000 men, women and children were shot dead in a single day, Nov. 3, 1943, Justice Department officials said.
He was removed earlier this week from his home in Racine, Wis., by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents."

There are no statute of limitations on some crime. Are you listening Flanagin? Okay. Genocide in all its forms is evil. I am reading Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee. An Indian History of the American West. It is an amazing book that outlines history from the vanquished people's point of view. Far different than what is taught in American schools. The US government is guilty of genocide. The treatment of the Native Peoples both past and present, is abysmal.


The United States government has made it illegal for Natives to practice their religion, speak their languages, raise their families how they see fit.


The government has packed the Natives into reservations where some live in tar paper shacks even today. TODAY.


The United States Government has performed hysterectomies on Native Women against their will and against their knowledge, some recently.

FACT: The United States Government systematically destroyed the Native's food supply, to create starvation amongst the tribes.

FACT: Turns out Bison is a hell of a lot healthier than beef. Turns out the Natives aren't as dumb as the settlers.

FACT: There wasn't such a thing as "fry bread" until the government herded the Natives by force onto reservations, killed off the food supply, and then would not allow any foodstuffs to the Natives except for lard and flour. There wasn't such a thing as the "pudgy indian" pre-contact. There might have been overweight natives, but it wasn't because of lard and flour.

Genocide is alive and well in the 21st century from Darfur to the Yakima Indian Reservation.

Peace, Searchers, stay informed stay on top, we need systemci change in the United States.