Thursday, June 4, 2009


I will never forget when the oppressed in China rose up against their totalitarian government and were brutally crushed. Chinese students to this day do not learn about the uprising in their schools and references to "the June 4 incident" are forbidden from search engines such as Google. Screw you, Google, I know blogspot is google but what the fuck? Bowing to a communist government like China, and our government selling our country to China "so Americans can have a couple of extra lattes" (i will not plagiarize you Fareed Zakaria, I got that line from your fabulous book- "The Post American World") is the epitome of stupidity.

"When China's pro-democracy protesters gathered in Tiananmen Square
they built a makeshift Statue of Liberty, not an F-16"-Fareed Zakaria, "The Post American World"

So will someone please explain to me why in the hell we still have sanctions against the Island of Cuba? You know, I want to see Havana for god's sake, I want to sample the cuisine and I want to celebrate the vibrant Caribbean life of Cuba.
Why do we do business with China?
Peace, Searchers, and honor to the people that were massacred, imprisoned, and disappeared by their government. Perhaps the United States will wake up and stop acting so foolishly with this oppressive regime.
And to the brave man in the photo,(it is forever burned into my psyche) facing down the tanks, my utmost respect to you friend, may you have peace. To the best of my knowledge this man disappeared and his whereabouts are unknown. If I am incorrect in this information, post a comment with sources...

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