Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Such is the reality of the judicial system in a country such as Laos.

Samantha Orobator will not be facing a firing squad after all. There is work being done to bring here back to her home country, the United Kingdom. I wish her and her family well, even if she was a "mule" as some say, the underlying issues regarding drug use is more important than any sovereign nation's law, the United States included. Here is the write up, thanks to

A pregnant British woman has been convicted of heroin smuggling in Laos and sentenced to life in prison.
Samantha Orobator, 20, could now return to the UK within a week under a prisoner transfer agreement.
She avoided a mandatory death sentence by becoming pregnant during the ten months she spent in jail after being caught with 1.5lb of heroin at an airport in the capital, Vientiane.

Execution of pregnant prisoners is banned in Laos. Mystery surrounds how she was able to conceive. She was in a mixed-sex jail, but men and women are held separately.
A state-run newspaper in Laos claimed she impregnated herself by secretly obtaining sperm from another prisoner.
Orobator, from South London, is understood to be nearly 28 weeks pregnant after which she is not supposed to fly.
Her lawyers have advised her not to appeal against her sentence so she can fly to Britain as soon as possible.
Moves to bring her back will begin today.

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