Friday, June 5, 2009


An 11 year old girl was brutally raped in Philly and the police distributed a photo of a "person of interest" to the girls neighbors asking for help in locating the person of interest, Jose Carrasquillo. The police put a $10,000 bounty on his head. The Field Negro breaks it down much more in depth.
So when Jose came walking down the street, a mob jumped his ass and beat him nearly to death. This is a problem.

The problem lies with several things, not the least of which is as follows:

Distributing photos of an individual that is a "person of interest," not a suspect, to people in the neighborhood where the crime occurred. Offering money to be paid immediately on the delivery of the "person of interest." I see the reasoning behind the distribution of pix, but I question the wisdom of the other. Read the article here, it's fucking nuts.

Mob mentality. I abhor anyone that commits violent crime against innocents be they children or adults. My wife and I are victims of violent crime, and I abhor that type of behavior. However, in the United States we have a system of laws that is meant to protect both the victim as well as the accused. Keep in mind Jose Carrasquillo had not been charged with the rape, he had not been tried for the rape, and he had not been convicted of the rape. This is what fucking pisses me off about mob mentality. Who the fuck are these people to attack an individual who could possibly be in the wrong place at the wrong time? This type of shit smacks of the type of mob mentality that took the life of young Emmit Till.

You remember Emmit Till, don't you? He was the 14 year old Black kid that whistled at a white woman in the Jim Crow South. They beat the child to death and gouged his eyes out. His body when recovered was displayed in an open casket at the demands of his mother so the entire world could see what these motherfuckers did to her baby.

Maybe Jose Carrasquillo did rape this little girl. If he did, hang the son of a bitch from the highest tree, AFTER a fair trial, fair conviction, and sentencing.

This also reminds me of an incident in Arkansas when another accused rapist was assaulted and castrated by local officials and the scumbag sheriff, who happened to be a friend of Mrs. Searchers father, (this asshole sheriff used to have drinks with him and kick it at their house for cookouts, etc.) displayed this guy's nuts in a jar on his desk. Sheriff Coolidge Conley of St. Francis county ended up dying in prison. A fitting end to a real piece of shit. Would that fate could occur to Mrs. Searcher's father as well.

This also reminds me of an incident that occurred on August 26, 2000, when Mrs. Searcher's brother broke into our home at 1:50 am and attempted to murder me. (Good job not running the story you fuckmooks at the Jonesboro Sun in Jonesboro, AR. Your paper aided and abetted in the promotion violent crime, and you hold at least some of the responsibility for the absolute abortion of justice in the case of The State of Arkansas v. Samuel C. Flanagin.)

I am against vigilante justice. However, in the case of the Flanagin's from Forrest City, AR, (all of them), I just may be a hypocrite. Or maybe not. It's okay, I subscribe to neither their warped version of christianity nor their insane view of reality.

Peace, Searchers

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