Thursday, August 21, 2008


Your music had a profound effect on me. You will be sorely missed. Blessings and Peace on your gifted, wonderful soul...

The first concert I took my son Jakob to was a Dave Matthews Band show in Bonner Springs, Kansas. They opened with #41. Their encore that night was Don't Drink the Water.

LeRoi's woodwinds on songs like Bartender captivated me or years, literally.

When Kelli first got me into DMB sometime in 2002, I focused on their music for at least three years, exclusively. Three years of nothing but Dave in the CD player and nothing but Dave on the DVD player. I picked their music apart. In fact, not since I was an adolescent have I completely studied a band. Then it was The Who. To a lesser degree The Doors and Zeppelin along with Pink Floyd, Rush and others...But as an adult, DMB I have followed. Since then the only artist to pique my interest to the same degree is Mos Def.

Well, I can't imagine DMB being the same. Clearly the band is going to go on. I'll still buy tickets to their shows.

I just realized, Kell, Jakob and I saw LeRoi at the Gorge for I think his last show there. Last summer...Peace and love, all