Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My, my, Senator Percy Malone is busy these days, now doubt handling all kinds of pressing matters, from D.C. to Little Rock. I called his office, and spoke with the ever-pleasant Amy, and she assured me she would send Malone a text(?) message with my number. I'm sure he'll be right back with me. Perhaps I should have a Twitter account so he can "tweet" me...
Seriously, there are laws written that are creating massive crisis to families, and Percy Malone of Arkadelphia is dodging my phone calls. Little 'ol me. Makes me feel good.

Senator Malone, I am awaiting your call. I want you to address the remarks you made regarding adults (see post "Pushing For Equal Rights In America..." ) I am not going to go away, the issues facing real working families in the United States are not going to go away simply because you refuse to pick up your phone.
For you Mr. Malone, I will give a refresher course: Pay attention:

The Policies of the Office of Child Support Enforcement:

1. Contribute to increased alcohol abuse.
2. Contribute to increased drug abuse.
3. Lead to crushing debt for the poor.
4. Contribute to domestic violence.
5. Lead to dysfunction in children.
6. Put families at odds with each other.
7. Are fundamentally discriminatory against the Non-Custodial Parent
8. Discriminate against and target a specific socio-economic class of people, those in poverty, as well as the working poor in America.
9. Lead to a relinqueshing of rights by the Custodial Parent, with insufficient legal counsel provided to the Custodial Parent.
10.Violates Amendment 14 of the United States of America, specifically the "equal protection" clause.
11.Violate Articles 7, 8, and 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Read up, Mr. Malone, and realize statements you make, such as "I don't much care about the adults" show your lack of concern for real families, and it shows that you do not take your position seriously, unless it is to fill your pockets(?) Then perhaps you take it seriously?

Peace, Searchers

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