Saturday, May 1, 2010


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Yeah a big fucking hole in the heads of the like of Michael Steele, John McCain, (wow he sure was disappointing, huh? Talk about selling your soul to the devil), and the complete moron Sarah Palin...

Shut down British Petroleum, and hold your elected officials responsible. The reason this utter nightmare is taking place in the gulf is because the United States Government has allowed the petroleum companies that drill in US waters to NOT have the safety measures, safety measures that EXIST but are expensive to the poor oil companies), in place to protect the public and the natural world. Safety measures that exist in other countries, safety measures that work.

This is what happens when corporations are allowed to run amok. This is what happens when our elected officials are on the take. Period.

Today is Saturday. On Monday, hit your phone, grab your laptop, grab a sheet of paper and a pen and scream at your elected officials...

Oh yeah, what do you think is going to happen on the Redneck Riviera when that oil hits shore? Does America really think we can afford another disaster on the scale of Katrina? How about 3 or 4 Katrinas? While we will not see the Human casualties from this PREVENTABLE DISASTER, the environmental impact, and the financial impact of states like Mississippi with the grossly fat and stupid Haley Barbour, (Hey! Fat-ass Haley!!! you will NEVER be President you redneck moron), is going to be enormous...the fishing industry, shrimping, oysters, clams, seabirds...Good God, what a bunch of absolute fucking assholes...I will NOT USE BRITISH PETROLEUM UNTIL THEY RECTIFY THE DAMAGE THEY HAVE DONE...and Searchers, did you know the American taxpayer is footing the clean up bill? Yeah, BP doesn't have ships out in the gulf cleaning. Shut BP down. Please do the same...Peace-


Green energy is the future.