Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Pull Yerself Up By Yer Bootstraps!"

So I'm watching CNN and they throw a story out there about a young Lady, Natalie Dylan (pictured). She is a student in So. Cal., and she needs money for college. So what's her plan? She going to auction off her virginity! I wonder how that plays to the far-right bootstrap wearing bible thumpin christian? You already know that answer to that. They will be quick to condemn her as a whore, and all the while deny money for education.
It is past time that we have free higher education in the US. To have to mortgage your future like buying a house to get an education, or to have to sell your body is a stinging indictment to our christian capitalist system.
Time for a change.

It is a sorry state of affairs when a woman has to sell her body to get an education. We need real change in the US. Enough of this capitalistic nightmare.
Natalie references capitalism in her interview, stating,"we live in a capitalist society, why shouldn't I be able capitalize on my virginity?" Good question. I think I'm going to capitalize on one of my kidneys. Anyone have 50 grand?
Let's get something new started in the U.S. Revolution!

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