Thursday, September 25, 2008


According to the HuffPo, on wednesday, the 24th, the House of Reps voted to give a $25 billion to struggling automakers.
In light of the current situation brought on by the free market neocons, I decided to write my Congressman Brian Baird to ask some questions. I posted the letter. I suggest all U.S. citizens write their congressman/woman to tell them NO BAILOUT!

The freemarket deregulation policies of Ronald Reagan and Milton Freidman are coming back to bite the US in the ass.

Wall Street is the absolute epitome of Capitalism. The right wing economic conservative has pushed policies that has encouraged this financial meltdown, this is what they have worked for, that is free, unfettered "Capitalism."

This is one reason why Congress should send Wall Street, AIG, etc., packing and give that money to the people.

Here's the email:
Feel free to copy it and send it to Baird in your name...

Mr. Baird-

You voted in favor of the 25 billion for automakers. Passed on Wednesday, Sept. 24. News reports relate how heavily the top people in the big three in Detroit lobbied for the loan. This is separated from the 700 billion Congress will most likely approve.

Here are my questions-

When is Congress going to stop bailing out the irresponsible people in big business and start giving aid again to the people who sent them to D.C.?

When is Congress going to allocate funds to keep my family in food, shelter, utilities, while we better ourselves through obtaining a college education?

When is Congress going to wake up and make higher education available to all?

When is Congress going to abandon the failed economic policies of Ronald Reagan and Milton Freidman?

Pay attention to the people Mr. Baird.

We want money for education. Money for doctor visits. We want money for food when we are struggling.

We want education and the support structure to succeed.

Enough with Congress's generation-long experiment with Milton Freidman's horrible economic theories that have thrown this nation into turmoil and is giving us an economy in shambles and discontent with our public officials akin to Pinochet's Chile.
I have made a concerted effort to discuss issues with you, yet I keep getting passed off to your aides.
I am a constituent, as is my wife and son, Mr. Baird, and we expect to be treated with respect.
My address is on the form and my phone number is: (deleted for obvious reasons)Have an aide call me to set up a face to face with me, my wife and my son.
I will be expecting a return call as well as an email.


I have plenty to say, and plenty of comments to make. It's things like this that fires me up and gets me to class.

It is time for a systemic change in the United States.


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