Friday, September 19, 2008


So Todd Palin, husband of Sarah Palin Veep candidate is refusing to testify after the legislative body of the State of Alaska subpoened him (read here)The obvious rhetorical question is: "What would happen to me if I did that?" Of course, we all know the answer. I would be hauled off to jail, without ceremony.

I emailed a letter to the Alaska Attorney Gerneral, Talis Colberg, and I suggest you all do the same here is the address:

I left my last name off of my blog but included it in the email along with my address, etc. I guess I'm just begging for a visit from the New American Gestapo! AKA (insert your police department here. Oops, my bad-I guess they're called "law enforcement officers" now. What a fucking joke.)

Here's the email to A.G. Colberg, Alaska:

You are a partisan hack, a coward, and you should be disbarred. I will use you in my closing years in law school to solidify my studies, focus on my goal: To put cowardly pieces of trash like you, todd palin, and sarah palin, scooter libby, karl rove, in jail for breaking the law, and acting as though you are royalty while the rest of us are expected to not only obey this law of the United States, but are called upon to shed our blood so garbage like you can disrespect the memories of the dead and trample on the very things that are supposed to make this country great. Sleep well AG, your turn will be coming. People like you is the reason I have abandoned the Republican Party after 21 years of party line voting.

Mike, Vancouver, WA

I suppose I should have included George Bush in my list as well as Prick Cheney. War crimes? The Hague? Naw, just do it here and lock them away forever. Or bestow upon these two the same fate their lies and deception brought thousands and thousands of Iraqi people and American Soldiers: put their backs against a wall, and then give them a great state funeral. At least we'll be rid of them.

Peace and Love to all you Searchers!
Don't give up hope, revolution is coming. And if McCain/Palin get in, it will be closer than ever.


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