Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I know you have been following the news, Searchers, with the Wall Street capitalists going to Congress to get a decidedly socialist bailout.

At best I have to question the right wing and Bush's Freidmanite economic policies ( as well as judges and police officers) instructing me
to have "personal responsibility" and then going to Congress for a handout when we have veterans living on the street.

When I can't get health care and afford my books for a mere three classes at a community college.

When $1861 monthly gross pay for a family of three disqualifies the family for food stamps. Who can live on that in this society? But these right-wingers and capitalists want to slash all social programs, abolish the Dept of Education, and take away funding for education. What would Jesus do, Capitalist? Pay attention to the book of Acts particularly the account of the Apostles setting up a social welfare system to ensure people less fortunate could be helped out, eat, and live with some dignity.

This is precisely what I want for me and my family. I don't have a rich daddy that throws out thousands of dollars for me and has clout to get me into a top-notch university. But I am intelligent, capable, with a vision. Why do people like Bush and the Christian Right want to take away opportunity from me or my wife or my son? Or deny millions of people health care, funding for education through the advanced degree stage, as well as the support system to succeed?

When the state of Washington steals 51% of my gross pay for child support, then tells me paying child support cannot be an income determining item when applying for social programs. Despite the fact that as a cook in these restaurants top pay is $14 an hour,(I don't make that much) and after taxes and the child support hijacking leaves me and my wife and son a mere $4 an hour to live on. What the fuck?

I have said this before and I will say it again. We need a systemic change in the United States, and TRICKLE-DOWN ECONOMICS DOES NOT WORK.

It is time to oust this Capitalist system, and find a fix. To think a fully deregulated economy-one with no oversight- will have no repercussion (as history teaches in countries such as Chile), in the US as it it did in Chile (when you destroy people's rights and take away their ability to function, when you destroy social programs and give the nation over to corporate greed) is to ignore history as well as the majority of the voters' desire.

We need to take our country back from the policies of greed and disrespect of our fellow human being that Milton Freidman advocated and Ronald Reagan adopted.

Capitalism and it's dependence on profit and selfishness has proven itself to be a detriment on society akin to historical Communism.



P.S. We need a systemic change in the United States.

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