Saturday, September 27, 2008


An excerpt from a post on Dissident Voice:


In 2001 Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was passed with support of the Democrats. Behind the empty rhetoric about achieving “high standards,” “world class education,” and “closing the achievement gap,” NCLB is just standardized testing—with severe punishments instead of help if test scores don’t improve. Schools not showing progress over time are first required to pay for private outside consultants. Continued lack of progress leads to being forced to totally contract out education to private enterprises. Schools in the middle class are not targeted because this only applies to schools with very low test scores.

"NCLB was passed in a context of a decades-long process of undermining the legitimacy of public schools, the development and funding of alternative schools, and the creation of models for a new kind of privatized public school. Reagan’s education program was “bring God back into the classroom” and government-funded school voucher programs. School vouchers give government funds to parents who want to put their children in private, and in particular religious, schools—popular among the growing Christian fundamentalist forces at the time."

This is the ugly reality of the urban cores of this country, and the schools that serve them. It is producing a massive section of youth, seething with anger, who have been written off by this system, told “there’s nothing here for you,” and then shoved into the prisons at world record rates. It is an international embarrassment for this imperialist power claiming to be the model for the world, and it’s an outrage to sections of the middle class who are coming to know about it. And under certain conditions it can become extremely explosive, as was revealed by the ’92 L.A. rebellion. This is a critical concern of those driving the transformation and privatization of the school system.

It is clear that the right wing has no plan to help and lift up anyone that is outside of their race, economic sphere, religious beliefs, etc:

In fact, I assert and I openly accuse the right wing and the American church:
You are responsible for the massive incarceration rates in the US largely because of laziness, hate, contempt, and the utter rejection of Jesus' teachings for anyone white, black, latin, native, poor, or otherwise that does not conform to your christian ideological worldview.

In addition, you have put Jesus Christ in the backseat to further your "visions" "words of knowldge" and "ministries" in clear violation of Jesus teaching.

You have contempt for the poor in America.

You advocate war against Islam.

You advocate war against Immigrants.

Just the fact that you advocate war, Church, is contra to the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Indocrinate, Incarcerate, Subjugate, Exterminate. That is the American Christian Worldview.

I call for all churches in the United States to either cease from demanding political obedience from their congregants or immediately commence paying taxes.

I am well aware of the common thought among Evangelicals: Convert And Believe Or Get Left Behind.

In all ways.

Enough of state sanctioned religious teaching. Unfortunately, while Ronald Reagan was advocating state sponsored specific Christian training and declaring 1982 as the "Year of the Bible," he was conducting a ruthless terror war in Central America resulting in the deaths of a huge quantity of people while he was funneling American dollars to fund terrorists.

This, my friends, is Christian Fascism and it has been adopted by an enormous amount of people that believe they are on a "mission from God" and it must be stopped.

I will also challenge you, Church: Prove to me that your ideas aren't anything more than recycled Ku Klux Klan material repackaged and sanitized for the white masses to swallow, as well as anyone else gullible enough to take that spoonful of hate. Are you listening Alberto Gonzales?

It is time for a systemic change in the United States.


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