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Early Tuesday morning, workers found an effigy of Barack Obama hanging from a tree on a university campus outside Portland, OR.

According to the article, a sign was attached to the Obama effigy disparaging students that are recipients of scholarships, largely minority students:

" A sign taped to the cutout said, "Act Six reject," referring to a scholarship program for Portland students, many of whom are minorities."
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As many of you know, I have posted in the past about the white American church, and the evangelical movement.

Unfortunately, I cannot say much more than this:

This type of behavior is indicative of the deep racial bias that the white American church, (especially right wing Republicans and conservative Democratic Evangelical churches) harbors in the United States against Blacks and minorities.

The fact that this effigy was hung on a tree at a predominantly white Christian university and not the much larger and more diverse campus of Portland State University speaks whole volumes about the state of the church in the United States, as well as the values that are being taught to the up and coming people in the Evangelical Movement.

Many in the Evangelical movement do not see a problem if the US decides to wage war against another nation.

Many in the Evangelical Movement advocate violence against people that do not accept their belief structure, or their doctrines as they interpret in the Bible.

Many in the Evangelical Movement assume people in lower social strata than themselves have been saddled with a "generational curse" or somehow deserve their misfortune.

Many in the Evangelical Movement believe this especially applies to people of African descent in the United States. It is openly taught that Blacks descend from Ham, and Ham was cursed. It is also taught that their ancestors worshipped demons, animals, etc., (the obvious point being that they didn't worship Jesus and embrace the doctine of the Christian Church. This is a common ploy used to keep the gullible under control, as it is taught in the context of: "THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!!!") and this has saddled the Black American with "generational curses."

I spoke with a fellow student (and graduate of Rhema! Bible College in the Tulsa, OK area) at my college today, and I related that I had heard through news reports, etc., that Sarah Plain believed the world is five thousand years old and man walked with the dinosaurs, despite there being no scientific evidence to support her assertions. His response? "What's wrong with that?"

(Rhema! is a very influential Evangelical Charismatic church/organization that has influenced millions of people worldwide throughout the past 60 years or so with the ministry of Kenneth E Hagin, and his son, Kenneth W. Hagin)

This is indicative of the nonsense that is taught at Evangelical bible colleges throughout the United States.

And we were worried about madrases in Pakistan!?!


Those that tried to murder me and advocate the hate crimes against me and my family are devout evangelical Methodists. Samuel Christian Flanagin, Arkansas State Representative Pat Flanagin, Dora Hughes, Pat Flanagin, Jr., and their cohorts in and around the state of Arkansas continually invoke the name of Jesus to justify their crimes while referring to the victims of their hate as "niggers."

When Edward Abbey declared-"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the [US] flag and carrying a cross." He might have been envisioning the point in time we could be at today.

Clearly, Christian Fascism has to be defeated in the United States.

Clearly, people do not realize how large and deeply rooted the problem is.
This is still the Klan operating, albeit sanitized, and it is running strong in the white Evangelical church in the United States.

Clearly, we need a systemic change n the United States.


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Ridwan said...

This incident is sickening. Thanks for alerting me Mike.

I wish we could move beyond this kind of nonsense hey.

Peace brother,