Tuesday, September 9, 2008


MSNBC and COMCAST clearly pulled together to censor Keith Olbermann, and pulled the plug on his show for the full hour. Olbermann was to interview Obama, he has been a vocal opponent of GWBush, and at 6pm sharp local, that is Portland, it mysteriously popped back on. I have been hung up on twice by MSNBC, the number I called is: 212-664-4444 call and ask what the fuck is going on...Comcast is implicit in this, they have a hand in it, and they offered to reimburse me for the entire day, "for my trouble."

Wake up AMERICA we are looking at the fascism wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross spoken about...we will have revolution...

I spoke with MSNBC and they claim they have no email address for Olbermann? WTF? What a fucking joke...this is censorship people!!

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