Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I posted this comment on an Alaskan Blog.* As my experience with the Charismatic churches, the intolerance, hate, fear, contempt for those less fortunate, is coming un- suppressed I am expressing it periodically here:

As a man heavily involved with these types of churches, and as a man that has been finally able to cast off the cult-like oppression, I can say with some authority that Palin is a compassion-less right winger that has no interests but her own to further. Religion and politics as well as the Gov't of the US must all be subject to the Evangelical/Charismatic movement.

Edward Abbey was correct when he declared: "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." The ultimate goal for these agents of intolerance, evangelicals and charismatics, is a "Christian Nation" one which at best rejects those who don't believe and at worse subjugates them.

We have real issues at hand, such as soldiers committing suicide and living on the streets, health care, EDUCATION, but these right wingers would have you believe that if you're poor you're cursed, (see family curse theology), if you're rich you're blessed (unless you're an "unbeliever" then "the devil" gave it to you...)and all others can fall by the wayside and beg for crumbs. If this administration, that is McPalin, is installed in Washington, D.C., revolution will be closer than ever. I pasted this comment to my blog, I'm reliving my experiences as they come back. One of my favorite lines in these churches is: "It's of the Devil!" That can apply to care bears, cabbage patch kids, my little pony, soda, t.v., movies, cars, alcohol, pants on women,beards on men,(despite the fact that Jesus' beard was "plucked"), short sleeves on men or women, drugs, as longs as the drugs aren't prescribed by a doctor, however, in some of these cults, like the UPCI, (United Pentecostal Church International) doctors are "of the devil" as well...(like in Brother Bill Gray's church in Pocahontas AR a members' daughter was born with severe birth defects as a result of oxygen depletion while in the birth canal, because the parents refused to involve a doctor or hospital in her birth because this would in some way reflect on their level of faith in the LORD) , some sex...(wink, wink)but surprisingly, NOT FOOD! Yes food is the ultimate payback on this planet for so much sacrificing for the LORD! In our church in Pocahontas, after a fast you better stay the hell away from the ro-tel cheese dip vat or you're gonna get stabbed!

The things I write are true. This is just the beginning. We are in for real trouble, war and revolution if these two yo-yo's are elected.

More to come...

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