Saturday, September 13, 2008


Listening to the interview w/Palin on ABC, several things occured to me:

1. I have more foreign policy experience that Sarah Palin.
2. I can tell anyone that asks precisely what the Bush Doctrine is.
3. I can tell you what the Truman Doctrine is.
4. I have been to more countries than Sarah Palin.

A. France
B. Italy
C. Switzerland
D. Holland
F. Mexico

5. I have lived in more states than Sarah Palin, giving me a more concise viewpoint on many different cultures within the United States:

A. Illinois
B. Arkansas
C. Missouri
D. Kansas
E. Tennessee
F. North Carolina
G. Oregon
F. Washington

I have visited more states than Sarah Palin:

A. California
B. Kentucky
C. Iowa
D. Wyoming
E. Utah
F. Idaho
G. Montana
H. Michigan
I. Wisconsin(actually my relatives owned land in Wisconsin. I spent many, many weekends there outside of Avoca/Muscoda-pronounced Muscoday-so although never a resident, quite a few of my formative years were in Wisconsin. Hell, I rode my first motorcycle, shot my first pistol,shot my first rifle, milked my first cow, slaughtered my first rabbit, harvested my first puffball-in Wisconsin. The cheese and curd is amazing! "America's Dairyland")
J. South Carolina
K. Georgia
L. Alabama
M. Louisiana
N. Texas
O. Arizona
P. Minnesota
Q. Indiana
R. Florida
S. Mississippi
T. Oklahoma
U. Colorado

I think that's is time for a systemic change in the United States...what did Thomas Jefferson say?

Clearly I have more experience, depth, compassion, and decency than Sarah Palin.

Batten down the hatches...O yeah-what about taking care of the Karl Rove problem?

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