Monday, October 8, 2007

Wisconsin town in shock after off-duty deputy kills 6 -

Wisconsin town in shock after off-duty deputy kills 6 -

Check out this link. Forget about the smile. This bastard was a murderous cop. That's it.

Early Sunday morning a cop invaded a party and murdered several kids one of which was only 14. The S.O.B. went to school with them.
My question is this: Why are 20 year old made sheriffs' deputies? A 20 year old kid has no idea about life as a whole, has barely had any life experiences...Needless to say this cop was horrifically unstable. His instability should have been caught long before he was made a deputy and weapons put into his hand.

Years ago, the deputies in Greene county, Arkansas only made $6.50/hr. Jack-booted thugs that think they're John Wayne. Same with the judges who think they're demi-gods.

This is why I'm teaching my son not to trust the police. He is being taught not to talk to the police unless his momma or daddy are present, and he is being taught not to trust the system as a whole. My distrust, as well as my wife and subsequently our son is a direct result of the abuse, intimidation, bigotry and racism that we have seen and encountered with the police, D.A.'s and judges in this country. This system has no-one to blame but itself.

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