Saturday, October 13, 2007


Regarding the brain pic, the blue part is the part that I soaked-no marinated-for the past five years in whiskey. I am so thankful for Kelli standing with me, and her determination regarding her on, friend...

I've medicated my brain for so long with alcohol that it rather hurts using it since I've put the whiskey bottle down. I want to become more of a thinker, a contemplator. Kelli tells me frequently that I am intelligent...she is a great and determined. She thinks of linear mathematics as a language. I fumble around with my change...I'm bright on some things, but math has not always been my strongest...although thinking about that, I realize that that is a result of years of listening to that crap from the people that raised me...I heard nonsense that ranged from "you suck at math" to "you're going to get emphysema when you get old..." neither of which is true.

I will say that I am considerably more interested in social issues and injustice than I am researching or doing mathematical problems...I seriously think dialog is needed to address the very real problems our country faces as a result of privatization and the erosion of civil rights, as well as the growing hostility by the Government toward the People.
How the hell do I put pictures in places on this blog other than at the top???

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