Sunday, October 7, 2007

Startup Sunday, 10.7.07

So I just finished reading one of my Professors' blogs, Ridwan Laher. He is my Intro to Black Studies Prof @ portland state u. (I aint trying to copy your template, Ridwan I dig the star, albeit it should be RED. Why is a "white" dude taking Black Studies? A couple of words: WHITE AMERICA. White america has worked so hard to sweep its abysmal history under the rug that growing up in a white upper middle class suburb of Chicago, the question of race and the real history of our country was almost non-existent. White students, white teachers, white cops white judges, white seemed like Chicago was a world and a million miles away from our pathetic enclave and most of the white folks lived in stark (although largely unspoken-that would be racist! *GASP*) terror of Black people trying to escape the horror and poverty of the inner city. It wasn't until I got older, that is in my 20's that I realized how f*cking-
hang on that damn Lars Larson commercial came on again on the tv-this clown is trying to tell me the US is a nation of laws, that we ought to follow the laws, blah f-ing blah. What people like Lars Larson forget is this country was not founded on law, but on the rape of the natives, and BREAKING BRITISH LAW. The British considered the colonists to be terrorists. For Gods' sake, they threw out the f*cking tea into the harbor!
This country was founded on lawbreakers and lawbreaking. DON'T EVER FORGET IT!
This country and the politicians that run it don't follow the laws, look at Larry Craig from Idaho...gonna resign his position and tell motherf*ckers sh*t that don't make no sense. Gonna tell ppl that he didn't know he was pleading guilty to soliciting sex in a male bathroom. Gonna tell ppl that he didn't have legal counsel and didn't know what he was doing...he has been in congress for 20 years or more, cramming laws down the citizens of this nation, and he is going to lie his a** off and tell us he doesn't know the law. And then renig on his promise to get the hell out of Congress.
Hell, I'm not a Senator but I know the law well enough to know when I am pleading guilty or innocent to a crime, and I sure as hell know enough to know to get a lawyer when dealing with this horrible corrupt self-serving out of control "legal" system... I was in my 20's when I realized how damn racist my father and mother as well as my grandparents, etc are/were. My grandfather driving me through parts of Chi-town and saying stupid sh*t like "this neighborhood was really nice until the "jigs" showed up." When a child is 5 or 6 years old they don't have a clue what "jig" is or what mindless hate is. That sh*t is learned.

Thinking of that I'd like to take all of these white soccer moms with their ridiculous soccer balls on their mini vans and make like lemmings off a cliff. Same with the SUV drivers trying to navigate their behemoths thru Starbucks drive thru so they can get a caramel macchiato "venti" of course, with its 750 calories or so "food porn" I heard someone refer to it...along with a blueberry ooze cake...then listen to them bitch about how their trucks and their asses can't fit thru the drive thru (I've got to get a picture of that). What has this country come to? A bunch of whining white racists worried sick that "the Mexicans" are going to take over or worse yet, "the Blacks" may buy a house in their neigborhood.

My wife and I moved to Portland from the south, in particular North Carolina, in the blue ridge range of the great smoky mountains. Don't let the name fool ya, the bud there sucked. Much better here. My Lady was born and raised in a pissant town named Forrest City in Arkansas.

Where did the name come from? The founding fathers, white racist pigs that they were, and still are, (see pat flanagin and hank and samuel flanagin-more on those clowns in the future, there is plenty to say about those pigs...)couldn't seem to come up with anything better so they named it after Confederate "war hero" and founder of the ku klux klan, Nathan Bedford Forrest. Disgusting, huh? Yep that's the south, and I spent 15 years in it. While in Arkansas, from 11/87 until 8/2000, I saw cross burnings on my neighbors lawn in Pocahontas, met a guy who owned land in melbourne, ar, that he proudly displayed a plaque on an oak tree signifying it was a tree used for lynching blacks, saw police beat black people mercilessly, saw poverty, oppression of blacks, and an utter unwillingness for the politicians to do anything. When I was walking to work one morning in 1989 I rounded the corner and saw several police cars, cops, news, neighbors, etc standing around a smoldering cross that had been pushed over into the grass. The police response? "Awww its just some rednecks out fooling around" The outrage I felt and feel still over some damn white redneck cop dismissing such hate as a "redneck joke" fuels my contempt for the white system we have in this country.
And ppl wonder why the sh*t is going on in Jena Louisiana today. A steadfast refusal to acknowledge that disgusting past whites are trying to deny. There is all kinds of stupidity in the south, but none so blatant as, well, all of it. Then you have Robert Byrd, a known racist and ex member of the Klan saying stupid sh*t like "I know white ni*gers too, there's such a thing as white ni*gers. " All while he's shaking all over the tv screen. Why this buffoon has a job in the senate after 250 years is beyond me. People like him need to go far far away. His ridiculous comments are simply contrived by southerners to try to mask their true feeling toward blacks.
I don't give a damn about the "new" south. There is no such thing. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. Hate and racism are still alive and well in the south and it will never stop as long as ppl keep electing piles of crap like robert byrd or pat flanagin. (fortunately that SOB was kicked out of office due to term limits.) This is an elected pig 11 terms to the AR state Reps who sat behind his huge desk and proclaimed an end to welfare and poor black women need to stop having kids and make something of themselves.
Him and Clinton and others called it "welfare reform" Then this bastard goes back to his giant house on a hill with massive white pillars out front (I'm not making this up) his life of privilege, his psychotic two sons and his beautiful daughter. And the wife he's cheating on. Oh did I mention his first child he had that he threw away under the guise of adoption? It would have f-ed up his political career...and this jewel of a person judges me.
A bible in one hand and a pistol in the other. (Thanks Ridwan for that visual on the first day of class!) He would kill me if he thought he could get away with it. I have news for all-I do not cowtow to anyone and I stand (and in between my mother beating my head against the wall she taught me to stand for what I believe in).

When I figure out my digi camera and all about this blog stuff I'm going to post pix etc.

I really dig my Intro to Black Studies Class, I'm going to continue on in that, and perhaps law school. I'm 39 on 10/21, but my life is just beginning. I'm so thankful for my Lady and my son, as well as my other children. More about that and the ridiculousness of the discriminating Child Support scam in the US. God help these bastards when I get my degrees...Your time is coming.

Peace to all who need it, and to those that have tried to murder me in the past and destroy my life and my families'-the clock is ticking...
Tuesday is the 40 anniversary of the United States gov't murdering Ernest "Che" Guevara. Che Vive!

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