Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So I'm finally going to take my ACT test and formally enroll in the University. I've been going for the last couple of terms, but I've never taken the ACT, and I'm not formally enrolled, so I can't get financial aid. Another issue in the richest country on the fucking planet. 12 million dollars an hour in Iraq and we have people living on the streets.

I remember a class I had when I was a kid, it must have bee in like 6th or 7th grade, I would have been 11 or so, and we were watching propaganda films from the Soviet Union that were against the US. The scene that stands out is a homeless dude sleeping on a bench and it was supposedly shot in middle America, Kansas or some shit, and the point the Soviets were trying to make was under capitalism you have people even in the heart of the country living in the streets with no place to go...and, the point they were making was their system is better. So to the point. My teacher, after showing us the film, gleefully pointed out that the scene couldn't have been shot in Kansas 'cause you can see the capitol building, ( in D.C.) in the background!!! We all got a good laugh about that. The point of all that is this: BY THIS TIME WE HAD FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT THE HOMELESS DUDE, IT TURNED INTO A BIG JOKE OVER HOW STUPID THE SOVIETS WERE.

This, my friends, is a large part of the problem...thank God, (or Apple) for our ipods so we don;t have to face these my professor Ridwan Laher said..."We gonna go to Starbucks and have a revolution over a latte" dude nailed it. Thank God for Starbucks and their pseudo-intellectualism, as well as their fake art on the walls...what a fucking joke.

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