Sunday, January 18, 2009


It seems like it cannot arrive quickly enough. This Tuesday, Bush will be exiting Washington DC as President FOREVER!!! YAYYYYYYYYY! I caught an interesting article on The HuffPo, regarding toxic leaders, and the toxicity of the Bush Presidency. The list is too big to post here the problems George W. Bush has caused, but here is an excerpt from the posting:

"If incompetence, arrogance, and stubbornness were the only claims against
Bush, it would be tragic enough. Unfortunately, Bush has earned the title of a
full-fledged toxic leader by violating the basic standards of human rights of
both ordinary American citizens, as well as our alleged opponents. Reports from
Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib prisons provide telling evidence of Bush's willingness
to abrogate the very human rights that we Americans so dearly prize. And he does
so, while whistling (to paraphrase FDR), "You have everything to fear, including
fear itself." "

To be somewhat fair to Bush, the problems we are facing in the US today were put in motion 30 years ago when the country elected Reagan. Bush did not help. If you read history at all, and are familiar with Latin American history, you would find the economic meltdown, and the destruction of the middle class is the end result of unregulated capitalism. It is strictly about profit and company growth, with little concern for the worker.

Barack Obama will not be able to solve all of this country's problems, we must rise and stand together as a Nation united with a desire to help and contribute to one another.

With effort we can put the Bush Presidency behind us and move forward. I think his term in office will leave us with a bad taste in our mouths for some time. Although he is not fully to blame, George W. Bush through his policies, hastened the current economic conditions. I think his presidency should be thoroughly investigated, with charges being brought against the appropriate parties.

I think without question most of us can agree: George Bush's Presidency was a contentious, toxic one. One wonders how big this superfund account is going to have to be.

Peace and much love-

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