Tuesday, January 6, 2009


According to a report on MSNBC, Israel hit a UN school today with artillery fire killing at least 30 people many of them children. According to the report, hundreds of people were holed up in the school as a shelter from the artillery and air strikes. Read the story here.

As I posted earlier, I have been an ardent supporter of Israel, and its right to exist. I understand the conflict Israel has with Hamas, and vice-versa. But as I sever my ties more and more with the right wing, I am seeing reality (as best as I can from 8000 miles away) on the ground in Gaza. It is a virtual prison camp of 1.5 million people. It would be like walling off the greater metropolitan area of Memphis, Tennessee, or Portland, OR with no one being allowed in or out, period. Then cut the gas off. Then cut the water off. Then reduce food supply. What would result is all out war against the people doing the oppressing. Much like what we might see in the United States if we continue down the same route.

Israel has a problem with Hamas. The US has a problem with Hamas. The people that do not have a problem with Hamas is the million or so Gazans, who when allowed to choose their own ruling party, chose Hamas. I remember the election. I remember the outcry by this Administration about the Gazans' choice. BUT IT WAS THEIR CHOICE. They elected Hamas to represent them. ELECTED. It was free and fair.

This reminds me of a quote from then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, (which indicated then and continues to define the supreme arrogance of the US government) regarding the Chilean people:

"The US will not accept a Marxist government just because of the
irresponsibility of the Chilean people."

I read that and thought, "You arrogant fuck." There were approximately 5,000 people killed in the US Government, and this really infuriates me, US Corporation backed coup to overthrow President Allende in '73, and perhaps 30,000 killed in 1974 after the installation of the monster Augusto Pinochet. But that's okay, 'cause we makin' money now! What a nightmare.

In other words, if the people elect a government and the lone Superpower doesn't like it, war will ensue. The problem is, and this has also helped me open my eyes to US imperialism, is our policy of "Nation Building." The United States only wants a government elected by the people if they elect the government selected for them by the United States. Otherwise, they are deemed irresponsible, negligent, backwards, or worse and are in danger of destruction. Observe the current conflict with Ecuador, Venezuela, as well as other nations throwing off the capitalistic yoke.

No one should be subject to a Master, not Arabs, not Jews, not Africans, no one. I say stand up people, don't let these bastards grind you down, fight and take what is yours.

I voted for this administration, and I have been a staunch supporter of US policy through the years. No More. There has to accountability, there has to be change, and after January 20, 2009, there ought to be some high level Bush Administration arrests and trials, including Bush and that worthless Cheney, for a number of things, not the least of which is crimes against humanity. But there probably won't be. This, however, is inspirational to me in the sense that I can break the law, even heinously, and have an excuse. Everyone does it, even the President!


BTW here is more reading regarding Chile and Latin America's 9/11 (yes, they had one too.)
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And any history book worth a damn.


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