Monday, October 20, 2008


I post video on my blog cause some are just fantastic, and need to be spread. However, I know all of you come to this blog to catch the mind expanding points of view so expertly articulated. And I feel that just posting a video sans commentary is cheating.

They're both YouTube via the
Daily Kos. The first vid outlines some of Obama's energy plans, and the second is from last nights Family Guy. Classic...Enjoy-

I watched the interview yesterday on Meet the Press when Colin Powell endorsed Obama, and I watched a clip from a subsequent interview with John McCain. (I can't find the video for that specific soundbite.

At any rate, McCain talks about how he has been endorsed by four Sec. States, Kissinger, 85, Haig, 83, Eagleburger, 78, and Baker, 78. All Republican, all old as hell, and more importantly, all "COLD WARRIORS." Their policies, and the subsequent policies of John McCain, are formed with policies that go back 50 years or more. Can you say dated?

The importance of Colin Powell is two-fold if not more:

1. Colin Powell is a Republican endorsing a Democrat for President. It's not much of a stretch that four Repub Sec States have endorsed a Repub candidate.

2. Colin Powell cut his teeth in the Vietnam War, not WW2 or WW1 or the Crimean War or whatever. He is young, articulate, and he understands the way the world is now. I feel that McCain is stuck in Cold War, and although he was in 'Nam as well, he just doesn't get it. Things are different now. Powell gets it, McCain doesn't.

Get out and vote cause we need a systemic change in the United States.



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