Friday, October 10, 2008


Culled from the Chicago Tribune:

Some Republicans adore her because they are pranksters at heart
and love the consternation of grown-ups. The ne'er-do-well son of the old
Republican family as president, the idea that you increase government revenue by
cutting taxes, the idea that you cut social services and thereby drive the needy
into the middle class,
the idea that you overthrow a dictator with a show of
force and achieve democracy at no cost to yourself—one stink bomb after another,
and now Gov. Sarah Palin

Bold is mine. Politicians have been cramming that particular tidbit of bullshit down our throats since Reagan came into office, and has been espoused by members of both parties accross the nation, including that worthless pile of crap pat flanagin of arkansas.

I've written about it several times, this notion that if you take away all services, people will take that extra job or two or three, and "pull themselves up by their bootstraps." When the reality of the situation is this: That type of economic policy creates a servant/master society, where the haves have and the have nots cut their grass, cook their food wash their clothes, wash their cars. You see, when you take away the ability of people climb out of poverty through education, and you destroy the support structure to succeed(and cutting education and social programs is a priority of the right wing nutjobs, as well as the corporate oligarchy), you create a society that breeds two classes: poor and rich.

The pick of Palin has to be the most disrespectful action by a political party in my lifetime.
The current nonsense spouted by the right wing campaign regarding Bill Ayers is also being whipped up into a frenzy by the Jesus loving Evangelical sarah palin. These people are crazy, and they well use their bibles as clubs if McPalin get in. Things will be bad.

The economic policies that have been in place since Reagan has done incredible harm to the United States. We are facing a situation like I haven't seen in my lifetime, the only thing I can equate it to is the gas crisis and inflation issues of the 1970's.

We have got to get the right wing out of power; a Theocracy is not what we need.

It's time for a systemic change in the United States.



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