Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I wanted to post a comment I made on a website the other day:

I'm supporting Barack as a result of observing the
Church in the United States for 18 years. The Christan Right have completely
abandoned the teachings of Jesus. It says something about a Christian Sect and
political party that is against health care for children and million of others.
That rejects the basic tenant of caring for the poor. The Right has become
extraordinarily arrogant, callous, divisive, and hateful. None of these traits
Jesus displayed or advocated. In McCain and Palin we have proven liars and
frauds. Palin is a complete fraud in the traditional definition, but quite
genuine in the psycho definition. Having voted Republican for 21 years it is
safe to say I will never vote Repub again. The right couldn't care less about my
family and me.Peace! Obama '08

Also, this comment make a beautiful statement courtesy of "J" a blogger that posted a comment on thefieldnegro:

"...This will be the true legacy of Reaganism:
hijacking the Republican party from the Goldwater standard of conservatism and
turning it over to the Christian Right (there's an oxymoron if I've ever heard
one). Somehow they've got socially-conservatives thinking that this election is
about women's rights, and marriage. This has and always will be a matter of
class warfare. To paraphrase GWB because he said it best: his base is the "haves
and the have-mores." Every American should open up their checkbooks and savings
account ledgers and ask themselves if you think he was talking about

Just five days left. I hope we can get the trickle down theory finally put to rest. It does not work.


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