Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is from a great article I read on the Huffington Post during an insomniac episode...

Toss in Senator McCain's $8,500-a-month Hollywood makeup artist, and the
fake "man of the people" maverick scam totally disintegrates. Underneath we find
a spasmodic, filthy rich, Mr. Magoo -- a typical Bush Republican who embraces
the same kind of divisive
ratfuckery we've
endured for too many years from the likes of Karl Rove, Lee Atwater, Richard Nixon
(McCain has shamefully resurrected the Southern Strategy) and, most
disturbingly, the politics of Joe McCarthy.

The made up, false persona's we as Americans swallow is indicative of the shallowness, lack of thought, and intellectual curiosity that has come to embody the very fiber of America.

Just make sure my fucking Ipod works, and I'll be alright...Ya know, Mussolini just made sure the trains ran on time cause he understood the sheep mentality.



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