Thursday, February 5, 2009


President Barack Obama's stern speech to the Republicans. And listen up Repubs, your ideas are old, they are outdated. I cannot find the vid on youtube, let me post it off of MSNBC.

This is from Rachel Maddow's show, I have posted on her before, she uses an analogy that Roy Ockert should pay attention too: She compares the policies of Ronald Reagan, (whom I have previously firmly supported,) Bush 1, (supported,) George W. Bush, (supported) conservatives, (supported,) the current nightmare that is the Republican party, to soup lines from the Depression (not supported.) Given their historical and global suffering their policies have caused, it is fitting.

This is why the personal beliefs of someone that is an editor at the Jonesboro Sun is so important. This is why I am going to take time out of my busy weekend to address the issues from Northeast Arkansas that have presented themselves to me. I will be addressing the State of Arkansas, Roy Ockert, EDITOR, David Mosesso, Publisher, Brian Smith, editor? from the Jonesboro Sun, Andy Griffith, Mayberry, and more. Should be good...

Peace and love, Searchers, but feet to fire...


Other tags that I could not include "Lindsey" Graham, S.C. Suckass, Dumbass.
Dipshit from Georgia? Oh, any Republican politican.
Senator Mark Pryor, Arkansas? Enough said. Watch the next post...


Brian Smith said...

This is Brian Smith again -- I'm the night editor at The Sun, if you need a title for me when you rip me to shreds later.

As for my lighthearted comment about Andy Griffith from don't seem to understand the difference between Andy Griffith (writer, actor, comedian, gospel singer, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, widely admired Democratic supporter who appeared in a very popular pro-Obama video, "Ron Howard's Call to Action") and Andy Taylor (a character in a TV show).

If you want to go after Sheriff Andy Taylor and Mayberry, that's fine -- I look forward to seeing how they represent everything that's wrong with America today. I just think you picked the wrong target in Andy Griffith himself.

Mike's Searches said...

Hey Brian-thanks for your comment. If you are checking back, can you tell me who was the news editor and publisher of the Jonesboro Sun in August of 2000? I see you have a blog, but I cannot find the blog itself. Peace, Brian.