Tuesday, February 10, 2009


A great quote I picked up from somewhere, (shout out somewhere!) that I keep in my wallet. It is a lesson that was hard for me to learn, but I have learned it. Such is the shift from right to left for me. So bear that in mind Roy Ockert, jonesboro sun editor, when you tell someone like me that the poor in your region are just shit out of luck if they can't afford a generator, or shelter, or food, or heating oil. This is why I find it so troubling that you are an editor of a paper, especially one that is circulated in an area so consumed with poverty and despair.

For someone in your position, one who is charged with the dissemination of information, to have the glaring reality of the past eight years to look at as well as the downward spiral the nation has been on for 30 years, and not be able to see it but cling to your dead beliefs is very troubling indeed. You should be removed.

And Brian Smith, Night Editor (I got it now, for when I rip you to shreds next time!) at the Jonesboro Sun, I caught up with your comments earlier in the week. Please check it out this weekend regarding Mayberry, the South, and the "Gem" (what kind, cubic zirconia?) Arkansas is.


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