Sunday, February 1, 2009


One of the things I love about blogging is the fact that I can use foul language. Language "that'd git mee sent strait ta hell (pronouced hayell) if'n I puts it on the newsypapery thingy. Ya Know, tha thingy I's wipes my ass wit? I's don'ts reads it cause I been to publik skool!!:

Real funny, huh? But here is reality of the situation: The Jonesboro Sun is worthy of only being on your roll in the bathroom. Let me break it down: The Jonesboro Sun is good only for toilet paper. Make sure you are using Roy Ockert's byline when you wipe.

Yeah, it is not funny being robbed of education and respect, are you listening Roy Roy? You and your cohorts like to keep people down don't you? These Republicans are all alike. It's a damn shame that they are in control of the papers and television in Jonesboro.

It is not surprising that people are terrified of their police and government officials, you are not doing anything to check them, thereby you are guilty of promoting terror in Arkansas, terror that is state sponsored.

Whew! *Deep Breath* I am very passionate about the situation in Arkansas. This is why it is so disconcerting (another big word!) to me that people like Roy Ockert have control over media.

Thank God, yes God, for bloggers, (they brought down the McCain/Palin ticket, Mike Beebe! are you listening Racist Belt?) because we report the real info, which explains why the print media is so pissed, and why their sales are so poor...Doesn't feel good does it Roy Roy? Let your buddy J.R. know that I am breathing down his neck, and I am confident you can feel warmth on your neck as well, Roy.

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