Wednesday, June 25, 2008



The above link is to an article in The Guardian. I shudder at the thought of nations talking of war with Iran. I read an article the other day that described the EU tightening sanctions against Iran. At the begining of Bush's Presidency I supported him in the drum beats to war with Iraq. Of course, I believed what the government told me about WMD in Iraq, and they had me convinced that it was a good idea.

But this idea of going to war with Iran is crazy. Haven't we lost enough children in the war with Iraq? Must we make war upon every country that we disagree with? Look at the ticker on the right side of my blog. This is the number of Iraqis dead, that is dead-never coming back. Never. Babies whose lives are over because the US government was hell bent on taking down Saddam. George Bush in particular, but the VP is to blame, Powell, Rice, Wolfowitz...just to name a few.

And now Bush is talking war with Iran, using some 0f the same rhetoric he used to go to war with Iraq. Making comments like, "the choice is theirs" and the like. Treating a sovereign nation as though they were children. I think it would be a terrible mistake if we launched a war against Iran currently, and the thought of getting into a ground war with Iran is out there as well.

We have to think about the issues at home rather than continue to feed the ravenous war machine that the "war on terror" has created. The war profiteers are champing at the bit to get into Iran, it would mean billions more for their companies. Billions more funded by the Federal government. Money that could be better spent on education, health and the welfare of the people.

It is time to put and end to this madness.

Surely George Bush doesn't have enough time left in his term to actually get us into a full war with Iran.

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