Monday, June 9, 2008

I have an appointment with state rep Deb Wallace coming up and I have a whole host of questions to discuss with her.

As a family, we are facing some serious difficulties. Admittedly, I have made some poor choices in the past. Hooking up with a now ex wife, for example. However, making poor decisions is hardly a reason to keep a family in poverty.

As I understand it, the State of Washington will offer child care assistance to families when all of the adults are working. They will help if the adults are pursing a higher education. Sound good? Keep reading.

I contacted the state department of human services and spoke with an individual who shall remain nameless. She indicated that if Kelli was enrolled in a vocational school then she could be "forced" (her word) into employment because vo-techs are usually involved with employers. As Kelli is enrolled in Portland State pursing a double major in Psych and Biology the "State does not support education". Huh?

In its current state, the government of the State of Washington does not encourage, support or advocate individuals pursuing a higher education. Clearly this is designed to keep people poor.

FOOD STAMPS: The State has a cap of $1861 on a family of three. In other words, a family of three can only make a gross monthly income of $1861 before they are disqualified for food stamps. Milton Friedman would love this. The cost of fuel to get to work and school is about $40 a week. The light bill is $100. Internet service (which is completely necessary for education) is $40/month. Cable is $40/month. Food is at least $100/week. Water, (why do we pay for water anyway??? This is the subject of a soon upcoming blog) is $60, $60 a month.

The state has to realize that individuals as a whole don't want to live on subsidies from the government, however, when the wealth is concentrated with such a small minority of people it creates real problems for the rest of us. College education is absolutely necessary in the US to get a good paying job. The bachelor degree has become the new high school diploma. Good paying blue collar jobs in manufacturing are largely a thing of the past in the US as a direct result of a free market economy.

I am not against a market economy, however, doing all for profit that may include destroying families in the US and exploiting families in other countries solely for the gain of American companies and profits is just plain wrong. Even Halliburton doesn't have its corporate headquarters in the US. It just makes money off the backs of others and then ships it elsewhere. Such as the continent of Africa. The Western powers have kept it poor and destitute by exploiting its people and resources and shipping all of the gains to the West. Like Talib Kweli says "every dollar leaves the neighborhood as soon as we make it." Everyone should watch "Blood Diamonds" both the movie with DiCaprio as well as the documentary.

I gotta go to work.

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