Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I just got off the phone with a representative from WIC. WIC is a US Gov't program for women, infants, and children to receive food subsidies such as cereal, milk, cheese and the like. The cut off age is five. When I expressed my disbelief regarding the cutoff age, the lady I spoke with, to her credit, was extremely apologetic and explained the cutoff age was Federally mandated.

Oh these Federal elected officials...This is one more example pf the problems I am having with the United States Government. Let me throw some numbers at you...

332,258,064 $ per day spent in Iraq

13,844,084 $ per hour spent in Iraq

230,734 $ per minute spent in Iraq

3,845 $ per second spent in Iraq
These numbers are courtesy of Democratic Caucus Senate Journal...

I am becoming increasingly outraged at the treatment of the citizens of this country as well as the fiscal mismanagement of our nation. We are throwing millions of dollars at corporations such as Exxon Mobile through corporate welfare and we are slashing and burning subsidies to the low income individuals and families.

The gov't just doesn't get it. My child needs milk. My child needs clothes. His momma needs an education. His daddy needs a job that is secure and pays well. He needs health care as well.

And Bush vetoed the SCHIP program. For those of you that don't know, the SCHIP program is a state health insurance program, and the democrats wanted to expand it. Bush thought it sounded too much like socialized medicine. So what is wrong with helping each other out and making sure your fellow man is taken care of? Did Jesus Himself not say to do just that?

I just got off work and I'm going to publish what I have now, typos and all because the autosave feature is not working. I have some more thought that I must get down tomorrow...Peace and mush love to all, there will come a time that things will improve in our country, I will not allow myself to believe that all of America is represented by the conservatives....

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