Sunday, April 5, 2009


While downing a protein shake this morning and working on my abs, I came across the article below. I'm glad this made the news. It is nice to see that some news gathering organizations cannot be strong armed into burying stories about prominent politicians family members that violate the law and people's civil rights...learn from this, Jonesboro Sun.

Palin sister-in-law accused of breaking into home
By RACHEL D'ORO – 1 day ago
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Police say Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's sister-in-law is accused of breaking into the same home twice to steal money.
Deputy Wasilla Police Chief Greg Wood says 35-year-old Diana Palin was arrested Thursday after she was confronted by the homeowner in the governor's hometown of Wasilla. She faces two counts of felony burglary and misdemeanor counts of criminal trespass and theft.
Wood says tire tracks and shoe prints tied Palin to another break-in Tuesday in which $400 was taken. Police have not tied Palin to another burglary at the home last week.
Governor spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton says Palin is the half sister of the governor's husband and the family has no comment.
Diana Palin's husband says his wife has a court-appointed attorney.

Sarah Palin and her extended family could have been the Second Family of the United States, if the Right Wing would have prevailed in the past election. This again shows the complete lack of intelligence and integrity of the right, especially the Christian Right.
Tying an individual like Diana Palin to the Governor and linking the two would seem unfair to some as Diana Palin is 35 (and should know better) and responsible for her own behavior. Sarah Palin can't control what her husband's sister does.

I agree with part of that, Palin can't control what her sister in law does any more than she can control what her daughters do (apparently.)

But let me put this idea out there to chew on: After watching Sarah Palin in the campaign season, and seeing the lack of intellectual curiosity, learning her brand of Christianity (and recognizing it for what it is) and the bumbling way she, as well as her staff and family conducted themselves during the campaign, the lies from Palin, with the bible in her hand and scripture in her mouth (next to the bullshit) I believe, after thoughtful consideration, that this is how they conduct themselves as a family.

Allow me to elaborate: This is just how they do things. It is not abnormal behavior for any of them. This is just how they, and others like them, conduct themselves in their day to day walk of life. They lie, they cheat, they rob, they steal, they harm, and on Sunday they go to Church. They blame almost everyone else for their misfortunes and use religion to justify bad behavior, invoking God and vowing to pray for you while they are calling you a nigger, or trying to break into your home to kill you, or wishing harm on your child, good stuff like, "I hope your kid gets hit by a bus."

Heard that last little gem before, actually that was in an email from my son's Uncle, Mrs. Searcher's brother. (Actually, I have experienced all of the above.) Real classy relatives Mrs. Searcher has. Mrs. Searcher embodies class, intelligence, beauty and smarts. There is no way in hell she is the product of her mother and the person that gave her her maiden name. That is not meant to disrespect her mother, may she rest in peace. It does, however, reflect her good judgement. I will forever maintain that as truth.

Back to Plain and her Alaska (arkansas) family:

These aren't your run of the mill trailer park rednecks; these are rednecks with money and real power in the state in which they live.
This combination is especially dangerous because with money and influence real damage can be done to people's lives, often with little or no consequence. There are some common threads running through these types people and their families:

1. Parent or sibling is in an elected position, or one of influence in business.

2. Family has established ties, generational in the area.
-Family attends prominent church in town, one or more teaches Sunday school or is a deacon, etc. Highly likely that one or more are involved in extra-marital affairs.

3. History of legal issues, not necessarily prosecutions or charges, but a history of lawlessness, and an inherent belief of being above the law. I have noticed this especially with children of elected officials, especially ones that have been in office for an extended period of time. Oh, say 22 years or so...I also think that this is mostly learned by watching the parent/sibling fuck around and manipulate the law and people.

4. History of legal issues covered up, not reported, paid off, etc.

5. As a result of little or no consequence, lawlessness escalates until behavior is
so out of control it cannot be ignored any longer, unfortunately, this is often
after a violent crime such as assault that is severe enough to be reported, burglary, rape, murder, etc. I

It will be good for this epitome-of-dysfunction of a family that some of these "events" that they get involved in are published across the country. That it may help out future generations of Palins is my hope, but as for the over 18 branch of the Palin's, at least the majority of them, there is no hope.

Work to ensure Palin stays in Alaska, and continue to shine light on the right, especially the christians.


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Anonymous said...

yep....i understand Uncle Bobby Palin makes really good head cheese!
These folks are dangerous. ya just smile and say hello or they go to church and say you're a witch, socialist or pal around... and then the next thing you know you are bein' water boarded.