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Palin won't be at the Senate-House dinner in July. The dinner is sponsored by the Republicans, and I've read it is the biggest GOP fundraiser of the year. It is a big deal. Gingrich will be speaking instead. Sounds petty, gossipy, and shallow. Delving deeper, however, certain things come to mind.

Remembering the 1990's and the "Republican Revolution" headed by Gingrich; his "Contract with America" and the gutting of social programs, again, the gutting of education, again, and the democrats in Arkansas, (Arkansas continues to be a reference point for me, as I spent very formative years there, and the politicians were making stupid remarks like, "these (black) women having 4 or 5 kids and sponging off of everyone is gonna stop!" As if cutting education, jobs, food for children is somehow going to force all poor and needy into the middle class, not to mention the obvious and accepted scapegoating of one gender of an entire race of people by politicians. How delightfully New Southish) jumping on the Republican bandwagon (huh?) further strengthening the foundation that had first been laid during the Reagan years for the financial, education, healthcare and social crises we are facing now.

The big boys on the right are sick of fucking around with Obama and his supporters, as well as Democrats in Congress and state Governors, both Democrat and moderate Republican. Furthermore, they are not going to allow Palin to head the party, because she so abysmal when she is called to task in public. Remember the interviews during the campaign. They know as well as most others that she is way out of her league.

But here is the real issue: Gingrich, Limbaugh,Hannity, John Boehner,Eric Cantor, etc. are becoming more virulent because they see their style of democracy, Krony Kapitalism, slipping away.

They will form a coalition that is going to shove weak individuals like Palin (it does not help her situation that she is a woman and not a part of the old 80's and '90 Republican nightmare that helped to bring us the current economic situation) out of the way, and they are going to run a vicious mid-term election campaign to unseat Democrats and pave a way to the White House in 2012. It will further display the hypocrisy of the "Party of Family Values." There will be a direct correlation between Obama's approval numbers and the Republican success.

I am not surprised Newt Gingrich is becoming a force again in Republican politics; however, if Americans allow him to be involved to any extreme, Americans will again have to take adose of penicillin to cure the infection. He made a statement in the 90's after he resigned from his position as Speaker of the House as well as his Representative seat, saying something to the effect of, "I didn't realize how out of touch I was with the people." He is still out of touch.

A bit of information regarding Newt Gingrich: He is involved with the American Enterprise Institute (AIE) as a senior fellow.

AIE is a conservative think tank that seeks "to defend the principles and improve the institutions of American freedom and democratic capitalism — limited government, private enterprise, individual liberty and responsibility, vigilant and effective defense and foreign policies, political accountability, and open debate".

Sounds great, and as American as apple pie. Execept the Republicans do not support political accountability and open debate, nor do they support individual liberty or democratic capitalism. Some of the people involved with the American Enterprise Institute:

Paul Wolfowitz-Major architect of the Iraq war, fired from the World Bank for fixing a promotion for his girlfriend, former Ambassador to Indonesia, supporting that regime that resulted in the deaths, political persecutions, and massive human rights abuses under Suharto, the Indonesian leader.

John Yoo-I blogged about Yoo recently,some of the finer points of the man-he disagrees with the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, which safeguards against unreasonable search and seizure, he believes in spying on U.S. citizens without warrants and at will, there is evidence of his involvement in war crimes, and he is to be indicted by a Spanish court for crimes against humanity.

Antonin Scalia-Right wing Supreme Court justice, enjoys keeping the media out of his speaking events, targets gays.

Dick Cheney, for Christ's sake. Do I really need a commentary on this individual?

These are the people that Newt Gingrich rubs shoulders with. With the exception of Yoo, rich white men that have open disdain for the poor and the middle class, and do not want to educate the aforementioned classes.

If Palin does succeed in obtaining high federal ofice, she will be run by these people and be little more than a figurehead but I cannot imagine, with the egos in play, they would allow her to be in the spotlight.

We must move the United States away from the right-wing christian party; the Republicans and moderate Democrats, and start thinking as a nation of people rather than individual profit machines.


By the way, I use Wikipedia as a reference throughout this article, thanks Wiki! Although I never use Wiki or any encyclopedia as a reference for papers, I do believe that encyclopedias both online and in print are an extremely valuable resource and a great place to start research...peace searchers
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