Thursday, April 29, 2010


So I"ve been thinking...and this is what I have come up with:

Samuel Chris Flanagin, Dora Flanagin Hughes, Good Ole Patty Pat Pat Flanigan and Hank:

Chris: I forgive you for breaking into my home and attempting to murder my wife and me. You are an absolute utter douchebag, raised by an atrocious father. It's what you do. You are a hater and that's a hater's job-to hate. However Samuel, (I'm going to fax this to your offices, the paper and your buddy Tony Rogers,) if you're (catch the correct spelling and use of the word you're bud,) buddy Tony is going to run again for his seat, I am going to mail your mugshot all over your county with a short explanation of Tony Roger's character and his hiring of a utter criminal.

One more thought Samuel: Mrs. Searcher is not brain washed, she simply wants nothing to do with you, period. Shove your ego up your ass, Chris, you ain't no prize...but I forgive you for attempting to murder my wife and me.

Dora, you are dumb. Period. An example, the comment posted below is from an earlier posting and it is vintage Dora Hughes, a shining example of the school system in the state of arkansas, complete with misspellings, lies, with a heaping helping of insanity...this is my in laws? I mean, my God, EVERY computer has a spellcheck!!! Lord...

This worthlss, uneduated,PSYCHO came to our class reunion and was kicked out! Poor nice, pretty, once normal Kelli. we all know he brainwashed her as she was too cool to be with a 40 year old crazy whimp! She supports his lazy ass and we heard he has 5 or 6 kids he does not even support. Pretty Bad to get kicked out a mocked at a class runion. Notice how he downgrades successful people and identifies with otyher lunatic terrorist! We heard he was a bundy with a touch of Charlie- but they were even more educated than this wimp looser!

Okay. Mrs. Searcher has never been to a high school reunion, she was getting a Bachelor of Science in Psychology...btw, she's almost done with her SECOND B.S., in you have a GED, Dora?? Well? 'Nough said...I forgive you Dora, you simply can't help is an example of Mrs. Searchers comment on a recent posting:

"This is one of my favorite posts. It is the only place I have heard or read about these truths. You bring lucidity to other searchers."

This is an example of how someone who is not an uneducated dolt writes...but I forgive you Dora, you simply cannot help yourself, but you need serious medical care...and I believe you should check yourself into an inpatient're sick, and I forgive you...

Patty Pat-You have no class. I forgive you, your hate and anger have eaten you up inside, and is shearing years from your life. I refuse to be like you, your sister, or your sons...I forgive you...

Hank you were raised by your father, and like just can't help yourself. I forgive you for saying you hope my son, your nephew, gets hit by a are a douchebag, but I forgive you...don't ever contact my family again, and you will have no problems, hank. I am bigger than you Hank, but I will not use that fact to harm you...I forgive you Hank.



Anonymous said...

Exactly how much does your occupation pay or should I say cost the tax payers? Can you not get a job? I know the car wash was hard work, but can you get a job with the sanitation department?

Anonymous said...

just for your info,,dora is married to a very respectable and very rich man now and i am asking you very politely this time and this time only to please not write anything else negative about my wife,,thank you for your coperation in this matter,which is expected by the way,dora's new husband.

Mike Searches said...

If you have high expectations New Husband, you will be disappointed. The Flanagins will always be written about by me, and I will never cut any of them any slack whatsoever. Douchebags are douchebags are douchebags.
Dora Flanagin supports violent crime, and that is despicable, atrocious, abhorrent behavior. If you did make the mistake of marrying Dora Flanagin Hughes, then you have a right to know she embraces hate, she embraces violence, she is racist, a hater of self, a hater of others. Good luck!
Until Dora gets on her knees and begs forgiveness from my family for her behavior, she will never be cut any slack.
The truth is, the Flanagins from Forrest City are corrupt, violent, hateful, and they have blood on their hands. Period.

Anonymous said...

From my understanding you have blood on your hands from Glenn Ellen in a field where a Walmart now stands!