Monday, December 28, 2009


Had a fabulous conversation with the prosecutor in the Eureka Springs/Berryville Arkansas area. Tony Rogers. Real class act. He put a violent criminal on the public payroll, and when I called to ask him about his vetting process he became extremely agitated and ended the conversation with a threat to "investigate me."

I am working on a letter to Rogers that I will post, it should be fun. Holding elected officials accountable for their actions is one of my callings in life. Nothing like holding an arrogant prick accountable for their poor decisions, especially one that is in the position of prosecutor. It's kinda like throwing a cop or judge in jail.

North Central Arkansas, you deserve better than to be Nifong-ed any longer by the likes of Tony Rogers, a belligerent horses' ass that hires violent criminals, and refuses to be accountable. Why should he? He's entitled.

We'll see...


Anonymous said...

You ever think about doing some of your working on something that might put food on the table for your family? Or is that what your wife is for - to feed you so you can follow your intellectual pursuits and share your "insights" with the world?

Anonymous said...

"Holding elected officials accountable for their actions is one of my callings in life."

Making sure you support your children by getting a job and helping their mother put food on the table - not so much. You're a real saint!

Mike Searches said...

Thanks, but one cannot be cannonized until one passes...and I do not espouse the Catholic way of doing things, but I appreciate the support for Sainthood. I shall relate it to Jesus. I'm confident he agrees.