Thursday, May 28, 2009


Over the past 15 years or so I have had the distinct pleasure of dealing with the Office of Child Support Enforcement in the state of Arkansas. It has been a rocky and contentious decade and a half, with corruption, discrimination, bureaucratic bullshit, and general apathy from the government toward families. This is going to change. I cannot devote this blog exclusively to the child support problem but I will give some place to it.

I spoke with Dan McDonald today, administrator of the Office of Child Support(Extortion) Enforcement for the State of Arkansas. We had a 40 minute conversation with me outlining the issues working families face when the Government steps in and robs working families of at least 50% of pre-tax income. In this particular situation, the money that is taken from my paycheck is used to pay down a debt acquired by the custodial parent when the custodial parent applied for and received certain types of state aid.

As Mr. McDonald indicated the C.P. is required by law, that is forced, coerced, etc., to give up rights to any child support collected by the state. In other words, the state is robbing one family and taking the money and putting it in the state coffers. This policy is reprehensible especially coming from such an obviously Christian state. Hell they're right in the middle of the bible belt yet they extort money from families to give it to the greedy bureaucrats.

I also spoke briefly with state Senator Paul Miller, and bless his heart he sounds like a confused old man, the equivalent of John McCain wandering around the stage during the Presidential debate, just a guy on the verge of dementia. Don't get me wrong, his picture makes him look nice enough, but it was like talking to your old grandpa that just isn't firing on all cylinders

I have attempted to contact state Senator Tracy Steele today to no avail, back after it tomorrow.

Over time I will identify more and more my stances on issues regarding the OCSE. Suffice it to say, I believe a consensus can be reached that will benefit families, although the state will definitely lose revenue, because it isn't about the state you dumb asses, it is about the families.

I full believe that the current policies in place by the Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement lead to:
1. Increased alcohol abuse

2. Increased drug use.

3. Mental health issues

4. Physical health issues

5. Domestic violence.

By his own admission, Mr. McDonald doesn't agree with parts of the 34 year old system but until I get reform pushed through, he made it clear that he is, in fact, just another mid-level bureaucrat interested in maintaining the status quo.

As stated earlier, I will be contacting various elected officials around the State of Arkansas as well as Washington State, as Washington has a reciprocity agreement with the other 49 to commandeer paychecks and keep working families trying to obtain an education in abject poverty. This is a fact, a despicable one, and it is a discriminatory practice, an injustice I intend to rectify.

Stay tuned, Searchers-
Peace and Onward!

Post Script-for the future I am going to refer to non-custodial parents as NCP's and custodial parents as CP's...peace

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