Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I caught this last night on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show. Seems a Spanish Court is pursuing indictments for war crimes against:
1. Alberto Gonzales, former Attorney General of the United States

2. John Yoo, from the Justice Department

3.Jay Bibey, from the Justice Department, John Yoo's boss, worked for Gonzales, now a Federal Judge, (what the fuck?)

4.Doug Fife, Undersecretary of defense,

5..David Addington, Dick (cock) Cheney's chief of staff, and spawn of satan, and

6.William Hanes, General Counsel at the Pentagon.

These six individuals may have an indictment handed down in Spain for their arrest. According to the New York Times, it would mean little, unless they leave the United States.

Then it would be a situation that would go down in the history books. I would love to see some of these arrogant right-wing "christian" torturers under the gun, on trial and thrown into prison for years. Their receipt of a fair trial is more than they afforded their victims of torture. Please do not forget, Searchers, the Bush administration and the pigs that enabled Bush were on the track of pulling ANYONE off the streets of America that George Bush or Cock Cheney or their minions for any suspected "terrorism."
Read the memo. Suspend Habeus Corpus, my ass.

Most white people would say, "So What? I don't look Arab, I haven't done anything wrong." That is putting an innate, (and inane) confidence in our elected officials and their appointees. Big mistake! Especially when they are right wing and got their marching orders from Bush a self styled "very religious" man.

I know his type of "religion," it was the same kind used in the Inquisition, and the same kind used by the fuckstick flanagin's when they commit high crimes and misdemeanors. Kinda like having a bible in one hand and someones testicles in a jar on their office desk. (I'm glad that motherfucker died in prison. Very fitting. Next, Flanagins.) Then go to Sunday School, after fucking your mistress in Little Rock, while your kids and wife are at home. Sound familiar, Arkansas? What a gem! ( Furthermore, in the south if you are labeled as a "moderate democrat" you are little more than a slightly left Republican.)

I will say it again: Give me a good Pagan or left-wing christian any day to reason with cause the American Right Wing Church is full of idiocy, hate, intolerance and contempt.

So Good luck, Spain, I hope it comes to pass and Gonzales and his ilk, along with Bush and Cheney spend the rest of their lives in prison. Probably not going to happen, but I support it.

Just to be clear: I also support putting Bush and Cheney's backs against a wall to face a firing squad.

I am not a squeamish American that can support hanging a national leader after a mock trial, a kangaroo court, (you know what that's like don't you Arkansas! What a gem that Arkansas is!) and not be able to stomach one of the presidents of the United States going to his execution. If I support the execution of any President and Vice President, it would be Bush Cheney, number 1. Number 2? Reagan/Bush. Remember, I supported these fuckwits and I voted for the worthless piece of shit George Bush. Then I became enlightened.

One good note I heard regarding this judge from Spain: He got the monster Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, a puppet of the U.S., arrested in London when he went on a trip to the United Kingdom. Godspeed, I truly hope we can lock up these motherfuckers, Bush and Cheney included, and throw away the key. After some rousing rounds of water boarding. Call me when you have the "christian" John Ashcroft on the table, I'd be happy to torture that son of a bitch.

By the way, here is the link for Rachel Maddow's report on MSNBC

Take care Searchers, stay vigilant, revolution is coming.

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